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The Super Bowl of HEALTH is coming!!

Two times a year, the population at large begins killing it on the health pursuit wagon.  September and January/February.  Why?  Because life becomes organized in September, and the reflection on the year gone by makes us desire better in January and February.  So, as a health educator, and gym owner, nutritional leader, chiropractor and whatever else I could be called… it is time to get serious!

We are going to be opening up another 60 Day Turnaround in the Fall.  Hopefully the last fully “led” turnaround ever.  I say this, because the model is effective at results, but not effective at reaching more people.  I need to find ways to leverage technology better, to bring community together, and change more lives at once.  And the path has been set, this last full turnaround will be the paving way to get better for the future.

So with that, I ask you to put the date on your calendar.


7pm, at HealthSprout and live on all of our social media.  You will be able to tune in and watch the intro to the 60 Day.  I so strongly recommend you do this, that I will beg you to plan now and put aside your schedules.  Even if you have no desire to follow a 60 Day, I am going to beg you to do it because I care more about inspiring you for 90 minutes.

Please, plan on learning why Keto is NOT 60 day, and why way before Keto every came, 60 day was winning for many people.  The time is now, see you soon!

Be well and Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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