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The Summer of Love turns to Christmas!

Many of you know that we do Christmas in July every year.  Not only is it the time that we offer any new patient a chance to be checked for free (we rarely do free, but will offer the $25 special regularly).  We do this so that anyone inside the office can have children checked, and spouses checked without having any reason not too.  But the promotion side for our office is only a small part of why we do Christmas in July.

I personally love the music.  Two weeks of nothing but Christmas Music… what an awesome experience in the middle of the heat!  I have always found Christmas music to be the music that lifts me up the most… I have even used Christmas music to drive me hard through a workout (to the odd stares of people around me).

But the greatest reason to do this, and the best reason for you to be involved, is because it adds prayer time.  We ask that any of you who are praying patients, would take just a moment of pause when you come into the office and see a cutout of a stocking or a present on the wall.  The names on these icons are those that are being invited into our office.  My assumption is that everyone who is invited into the office is invited for a reason.  Whether it be that they need our help, or someone elses help, I assume that for the most part, they make their way onto our wall because they need help.  So that is what I am here for.

So in that moment of pause, if you send a prayer to Heaven for the health of that person; not that they come to know chiropractic, or the healing diet, or CrossFit, or any of those; but simply that they have an improvement in health… then you are helping our cause.  And helping that person.  It is a great opportunity, to see a name and simply share a prayer.

Who gets to end up on the walls of the office over the next three weeks is up to you.  Every time you take a gift to give to someone, you add their name to the wall.  Every time you add their name to the wall, they get prayed for.  Pretty cool.

I have a patient who shared some sad news with me this evening.  Her 19 year old daughter fell four stories this past Sunday night.  She received a phone call that started with “are you sitting down”… not the kind of call you would want to receive.  The next thing she was told, was that their daughter was paralyzed from the waist down.  Fortunately, after some time to heal and reduce inflammation, this is not a lifelong diagnosis, and she is already recovering.  But she has many broken bones.  I can say that in all of my best thoughts and opinions about how the body works, she is fortunate to be alive.  So, this patient wrote her daughters name on a card, simply so we could pray.  She won’t be a patient, she doesn’t live here, she will only be someone whom we consider for our daily prayers.

I know I have patients who don’t believe in prayer, and I would speak to you very specifically: prayer has been proven to improve quality of life.  Their are research studies that have shown the effect of prayer on both the one praying and the one being prayed about.  So whether you choose to believe it is God or not, does not have an impact on the fact that prayer works.  So engage in it, regardless of what you believe!

I enjoy you all so much.  The last few days have been awesome, getting back to adjusting… and I absolutely look forward to Christmas in July!  Be well, and Be blessed!   – Dr. E

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