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The Summer Of Love!

We have a lot planned for the summer.  And it all starts with you.

Before we really get into you however, I just want to take a second to talk about those who have served us, and those who have died in service, or because of their service.  To me that is love.  Even if it wasn’t done out of love, it is still love.  Christ’s greatest commandments, love God and one another.  To go into battle willingly, where you know that death is very possible, is love.

I like Memorial Day for that reason.  It makes me think about that sacrifice, just long enough to wonder about myself, and to be reminded that I give so little.  I used to work on Memorial Day, I didn’t have kids, or a kids schedule to work around, so I could take trips anytime I liked.  Then, when the kids schedule changed, we used this as a regular trip to the pan handle.  But it wasn’t until a couple years after that started, that I decided that Memorial Day was a required holiday for me, to show reverance to the fallen ones.

So this whole Summer of Love thing… what is it?  For those of you who visit my web site regularly, you have seen this image on the front page of the site, and accordingly have asked me what it is all about.  Most of you I am sure, do not visit my site, or you go straight to the Daily Sprout page.  You are wondering what I am talking about right now!  Either way, you might want to know what this is all about.

And I can’t tell you.

I will say that I have some plans for you, different jobs for myself and my staff over the course of the next two months, to show you love.  To make sure that if there is one piece of your health that you get, it is that you are greatly valued.  I’ll probably hug you a bit, maybe even lay one on you (I am really not too shy about my affection, and I do love all of you).

My first request for you, in this quest of love for us, is that you would begin to prepare yourself to share something that you would like us to help you with either through prayer, or  through a meeting, or something.  I realize that I am probably going to still be nursing my shoulder, with adjusting mixed with resting, for another few weeks, so why not take the time to help you a little bit more.  We are seriously behind on our work, because the interns can’t get it done because they are adjusting, and I can’t get it done because I need to come up and adjust every few people (limited, but nonetheless effective).  So we’ll figure that out, I’ll stop trying so hard to get caught up, and see who needs me to help them in other ways.

Yep, we love you.

Be Blessed!  Dr. E

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