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The Power Of Commitment

It is 60 Day Time!!  The 60 Day Turnaround starts tonight with our Foundations I, which will be broadcast live on both the HealthSprout and the 60 Day Turnaround pages for free.  You should check it out for sure.

So this is it, this is your time.  If you ever wanted to achieve something incredible, now is the time to do it.  The 60 Day Turnaround is 90% inspiration, and 10% decisions.  Come be inspired to make the right decision.  Opportunities will be opened up, and life change will begin.  It all starts somewhere.

So, come and at least connect for this first class.  7pm live at HealthSprout, or you can see it here :

Thanks for trusting me, you won’t be disappointed.

Dr. E

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