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No, it wasn’t me… I didn’t start the original keto, though I have been teaching it for years.  The first keto diet, that was really good at helping people lose weight (not a health focus here), was Atkins.   This diet, by the way, has not gone away.  I know some people think Dr. Atkins died, and then everybody just forgot about it, but if you visit the website, you might recognize the branding that you still see today.

This logo that can be found in just about every grocery store, is still kicking.  Why?  Because it works.  It works at just that, helping you lose weight.  NOT creating greater long term health.   One of the biggest issues, is that there was too much protein in the diet, and protein at a high level will cause inflammation, and inflammation will cause disease, which will lead to death of course.  So, you could say, that with one minor tweak, the 60 Day Turnaround will save your life over what Atkins would do.

That tweak thus far, is simply reducing meat.  This is inflammation:

Arterial inflammation, driven by diet, vs any other reason.  Did you know that a lack of diuretics in your system is not the CAUSE of inflammation?  No more than the lack of Advil is not the cause of a headache.  There are true causes behind these things.  And in many cases it is food.  Adjusting the spine can relieve both (see high blood pressure studies on the Daily Sprout Page), but I have at least a dozen cases where children with chronic headaches got off gluten, and suddenly their headaches were gone.   Huh.

There is one more big change between 60 Day Turnaround and Atkins and Keto… the commitment to vegetables.  I preach this, as it is the most important component.  You need to eat 13 servings a day, if you want to give yourself the opportunity for optimal health.  It is rare that you will ever hear anybody in the Keto and Atkins camps talking about minimum servings of vegetables.  Yet, the nutrient density afforded from such pursuit, will always bring health.

There are supplements to help you get there, if you just can’t eat enough.  I get it, most days it is a huge challenge for me to eat enough.  So, the process is to strive first, supplement second.  At the end of the day, I look in my pantry, pull out my Juice Plus, and review my day.  I take anywhere from 2 to 10 capsules.  Based on my day and my leftover need.

Commitment to simple processes like these will allow you to pursue a low carb diet, that drives ketosis in the body, and help you to avoid inflammation, and ultimately be healthier.

Juice Plus is available online, I recommend it for all of my patients.  Juice Plus

Be well and Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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