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The Milk has all gone bad!

There is one more, very powerful reason why you might want to turn your back on conventional milk and conventional milk products.  We have taught a line somewhere between dairy avoidance and minimized dairy for ten+ years now.  I have come around to look harder at grass fed dairy products and have seen the benefit in them.  In my house however, we have continued to stay away from milk.

Now as I continue to follow the literature, I have decided that our future lies in Raw, Organic, Grass Fed dairy products.  The last has been the hardest to come by.  You look around at the local markets, and you can find raw dairy, typically raised organic (even if it does not have the designation on it), and never grass fed.  Yep, you heard it right, NEVER grass fed.

We can get our hands on awesome grass fed beef (we just placed our order for three more beefs this week).  We also can get our hands on incredible chicken, and eggs.  And we can buy pasture butter (made from the milk of cows in pasture, eating grass (greens)), but we cannot get the actual pasture milk.  Trader Joe’s has grass fed cheeses, and they have raw cheeses, but not grass fed and raw at the same time!  Dilemma.

So that is why I am SOOOOO excited about the Beyond Organic cheese in the photo below!  This stuff is awesome, and we have it in stock!  What does that mean?  I don’t really know, I guess we will let you sample it, buy it, learn about it, and then learn how to order this cheese yourself.  But there is more, and I am really excited about it, primarily because it is GRASS FED!

Beyond Organic, Raw, Organic and Green Fed!

So let’s back to why the milk is all bad.

A1 beta casein (one of the two primary forms of casein – cow’s milk protein), has been shown to have been genetically shifted in grain fed cows milk.  First off, Casein makes up about 80% of the milk protein vs. the more coveted whey protein which is about 20%.  The A1 differs from A2 (the other form of casein) by having a different molecule at one of the genetic positions.  In A1 that molecule is less stable, and can be morphed.  Read the Health Rangers full article on the chemical side to this story HERE.

The problem is that this molecule, is the molecule of incredible inflammation.  It immediately irritates the gut lining, creating inflammation and leaky gut (allows molecules to pass through the gut into the bloodstream, that otherwise would not pass through).  This molecule is present heavily in most of the Jersey cows of the US dairy market.  The A1 beta casein only makes up about 10% of the protein in Guernsey cows.  Which makes it even cooler that the Beyond Organic label is all Guernsey cows.

For all of you goat milk drinkers, good news.  No A1 beta casein in goats milk, no evil that has been transformed from grain fed process.  You are simply, Safe!

So what does all this mean?  Step one, get off of your milk.  Go Almond milk, and then step two.  Look for the cultured dairy beverage that we will be bringing out to you, as well as the Kefir.  These products are really awesome, and I believe we might just have the only ones coming from grass fed cows on the market.  This will change soon hopefully, allowing everyone easier access, but for now, I am on a mission.  GRASS FED!

Be well, love the gift of the natural earth that we have been given, and don’t stress out this weekend, it will kill you eventually! – Dr. E

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