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The Luau!

So we are having a Luau of sorts on Monday (no pig involved), but we are serving grass fed beef hot dogs in the afternoon, and some flavorful eggs for breakfast!  I decided to throw together some info about the products that we are going to be offering.  So check it out:

Hot Dogs are an American Classic.  We had given them up completely for years (my wife and I), and after having kids, started exploring the idea of hot dogs with Applegate Farms, and with trader joes brand as well.  Our key focus then, “Is the hot dog free of nitrites and nitrates, and is it truly an organic, BEEF ONLY hot dog?” Questions were answered to our expectations, so we started in.

Then the evolution of the hot dog brings us to Grass Fed.  Applegate also got a check mark there, as they had grass fed.  But then, with greater knowledge, we move towards 100% grass fed.  And this is where I now strongly believe that Applegate grain finishes their beef.  This is from a review of their web site, and them not saying otherwise.

So the Beyond Organic Dogs are the only ones that I have seen that fit the full bill of health!

Enjoy trying these hot dogs this afternoon!

All you need to do is read the Daily Sprouts to know how we feel about Amasai.  We started receiving testimonials on this product the very first day we had it in stock.  We had our first patient go from an oncoming cold, to feeling perfect within about 12 hours.

Last quarter, intern Craig had a similar bout, and was feeling great overnight.  We had a strep throat recently get over it in ONE DAY after using the probiotic BOMB which we call Amasai!

The new flavors are awesome to taste, and carry great extra benefit.

What has made Reign Awaken a Family Favorite in my household, is the fact that you have the “essence” of these rich flavored compounds in a drink with  NO stimulant present.  There is NO caffeine, and yet when you drink this water, you feel an invigoration that seems to border on the stimulation of coffee, while preserving your cyclic AMP!

Taste this product today, and get a sense of why I am recommending this as a water replacement for daily coffee consumption.

At $25 a case, you could scoff at the price, or you could pay that to save you in health concern savings, and Starbucks money!

I hope this answers some questions for you, and if you want to learn more, go HERE!

Looking forward to a fun time, I will be adjusting with the activator, or letting the interns adjust, so choose if you prefer an activator from me, or a manual adjustment from the interns.

Be well and be blessed! – Dr. E

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