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The Labor Of Love

HUGS!  Today, we will work (yep this is work) to give some hugs out to you.  But the real labor of today, is to see if we can get you to share something with us.  If you are an online reader only, then please use the link:

These links will open up your email editor so you can send an email to us.  What should it say?  Whatever it needs to.  If you are in the office, grab a pen and write on the back bottom of this sheet of paper, and turn it in to us.

“I am struggling with…”  And we will try to help you.  Regardless of what it is.  We will pray, we will connect you with others, we will give you advice if it is health information you are after.  This is our time to lift you up.  I have been so useless to my practice in the way that I have established my value over the years (adjusting), that it has given me a greater chance to serve the purpose that I believe I was truly called to (educating and writing).

You see, even though some of you think only my adjustments work for you, you are actually mistaken.  Corrective care is the opposite of heart disease.  Let me tell you what I mean.  Heart disease slowly kills you, and you cannot feel a thing.  It just takes you down more and more each day, silently stripping you of life.  Subluxation does this too.  Therefore corrective chiropractic care does the opposite.

It slowly, and silently restores normal function to your body.  Notice the word silently.  So why do some of you prefer one chiropractor’s adjustments over the other?  Because you are measuring the not so silent.  You believe, because you feel more change in the moment, that it must be better for you.  That is silly.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand where you are coming from.  But do you really think you can feel healing, when you can’t feel heart disease or cancer?  Nope.  You cannot feel greater health, you can only feel symptom improvement… which is not the same.

Do you realize how important symptom improvement is compared to real functional improvement?  It has no importance at all.  I got in a very loud discussion with a patient a few weeks ago (loud because I needed to make a big impact, we weren’t arguing) about my job.  I asked him what my job was, was it to make him feel better?  He said “yes” to that.  I yelled “NO”!  My job is NOT to make you feel better so you can go out into the world and DIE, my job is to help you function better so you can go out and LIVE!  Feeling can be altered by the right concoction of chemicals way better than anything else, and yet they will only be killing you.

As corrective chiropractors, we have a process involving mixing, fixing and setting.  Pre-adjustment exercises, the adjustment, and post adjustment exercises.  This builds spinal change and permanent correction.  I think you need to be learning why it works, so that any hiatus of any practitioner, will never leave you wanting for HEALTH.  Maybe for how you feel in the moment, but surely not for health!  Be Well, Let’s HUG!  Dr. E

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