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The Healing Diet!

My kids go nuts for sweets! Not very often, so definitely nuts!

My Kids are Ecstatic and Wide Eyed when they see this much SUGAR!

There is still time to change your life.  How are you going to do it… well The Total Food Makeover will do it if you let it.

Monday night was a great first step into the 40 day challenge, but the real meat starts in the next five days, step in and take charge of your life.  I wanted to give you the simple rules, which help you know what you are potentially in for.  The details will help you get the whole picture, which are coming this Monday night. 

First, the point is to FIX your hormones.  I cannot tell you how many people will say “I tried this diet, that diet and the other diet.  I know people think I just don’t stick to it, but I do!  And I still don’t succeed; the more I try diet’s the more discouraged I get, and the more people think I just have no will power”.  That is so ridiculously common, that I find myself telling people their story for them.

The problem with every other diet, is that they don’t address hormones.  The only one that gets close to doing that is the Paleo diet… but the problem there, is that there is a loop hole available.  Let me explain, again… the simple explanation here.

You eat sugar, grains, fruit; and in so doing your blood sugar rises rapidly.  Insulin is produced, and it drives your blood sugar down by driving the glucose into the cells.  You eat a lot of those foods, so insulin stays high all the time.  Insulin at elevation causes you to downgrade your insulin receptor sites, so you become insulin resistant (doesn’t matter how much insulin is in the blood stream, you won’t respond to it).  With this insulin rise, your Leptin (the hormone that tells your body to utilize FAT for energy) will rise as well.  It is a mechanism for burning up those fat cells that you are making by driving so much glucose into the body.

Now the real problem starts, you downgrade Leptin receptors too, so you are left with a body that does not know that it is fat burning time.  Once this happens, you might be able to starve yourself down a few pounds, but you WILL NOT be able to effectively burn fat ever again, until you HEAL your Leptin receptors (a quick aside: Leptin aids in the regulation of a TON of other hormones, so once this is bad, off you are to the estrogen imbalance… testosterone imbalance… and a host of others).

So the Healing Diet fixes that stuff.  Yep, stuff!  No Grains, No Sugar (natural forms are no good either, such as honey or maple syrup), No Fruit (well, berries in moderation, or some apples like Granny Smith; but limited to one small serving per day), Control Protein consumption so it does not get too high, and increase good fats until you are eating a LOT of fat.

That is it in a nutshell.  It might take six weeks to heal, it might take six months.  Depends on the damage you have done to yourself.  Cheat days are OK weekly once you get past the four week hump, but don’t go crazy on a cheat day, you could ruin a lot of “well fought for” gains in a few minutes.

I hope to see everyone next Monday at our continuation workshop.  It is not too late, and Boot Camp has room too!  God Bless!

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