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The Goodwin’s

The Goodwins are committed to health!

Our family has believed in a holistic health care lifestyle for many years. Daily, our hearts and minds live with the peace that God gives us. Our bodies thrive on a diet of local and organic fruits and vegetables, as well as organic kosher meats, beans, nuts, and sprouted grains, dairy, and a small amount of ice cream thrown in!

We live an active lifestyle with a three year old and a one year old, running, walking, jumping on the trampoline, and chasing kids around the backyard. Through extensive research, we have chosen to only put organic and natural ingredients in and on our bodies—including no vaccinations for our healthy children, and many doses of elderberry and oil of oregano when we get the annual sniffles!

We are thankful for the medical and scientific advances, but only resort to them when we are in a crisis mode, which (thank the Lord) has not happened frequently. Most recently, we have added the chiropractic services the good Dr. Eric provides—while we have utilized chiropractic care for nine years, we discovered the excellence Dr. Eric provides and are now a part of this wonderful community!

While it has taken years of “weaning” off the easy, the fast, the cheap lifestyle we grew up on, our family has committed to treat our bodies like the temples they are and look forward to the benefits of health and wellness both now and in the future! Our children enjoy a childhood free of ear infections, the yearly flu, obesity, allergies, and instead focus on living happy little lives. We enjoy the benefits of a healthy immune system, circulatory, nervous, and digestive systems which allows us to enjoy the blessed life God has given us!

-Maureen and Tim Goodwin

– A family that commits to health from the top down, is always going to get more of it than most will ever attain.  Commitment is lifelong, and this short testimonial proves it.  Though they have not been patients in my office for long, they have been in the chiropractic lifestyle a long time.  We strive for an excellence in care that not many doctors pursue, and we internalize that need for excellence, so that in the midst of a busy day, with 100 adjustments on either side of the patient lying on the table, we still see that patient for who they are, what subluxations they are facing, and how they can be best served by us.  It takes a lot of focus in the middle of a busy day, but it is our commitment to excellence, that has us working hard.  We are thankful for families like the Goodwins, that make our mission possible!  Be well, and consider, your invitation to any random person for Christmas in July, could turn them into a committed healthy person.  Be Blessed – Dr. E

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