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The Flu Shot Can’t Keep It’s Promise!

Dr. Levi

Do you want to know why a flu shot doesn’t work?  This is why:

Do you see that little red slice at 2 o’clock?  That is the portion (7%) of “flu related deaths” that could possibly be prevented if the shot worked 100% in preventing death. But it’s not 100% in preventing flu . Not even close. Even it were, it still wouldn’t touch 93% of death cases.

People over 65  account for over 90% of flu related deaths. 85% of those are over 75 years old.  This population is typically ones that are frail, in nursing homes, in the hospital, etc., The other <9% are typically immune compromised.  But here’s the rub. The flu shot only has 30% efficacy or less in that group. It doesn’t work very well in the group it could potentially help the most.

So what do the results of a  flu vaccine campaign look like in real life?

There are many ways to prevent the flu besides an oversold underperforming vaccine.  Being healthy in the first place is the main one. If you still aren’t sure what the definition of health is then you need to come to another doctors report. If you aren’t actively pursuing the 5 principles of health that we teach then you need to come to our advanced talks after hours.

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