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The FLU shot!

You gotta love the flu shot… so much hype.  Everywhere I turn I see flu shots available, and every time I see it, all I can think is that it is the best way to weaken someones trust.  Yes, trust.  Your faith in your ability to be healthy on your own, to survive.

There has never once been a study on the overall deleterious effect of repeated flu shots on your overall health.  Dr. Fudenburg once said that his research showed that those who received five consecutive flu shots were ten tiems more likely to develop alzheimers later in life.  Fudenburg was considered a leading immunologist around the world, he has 850 papers in peer review journals.

The interesting thing is that he is considered without credentials to most of the medical community right now.  THe reason being… a paper he published along with Dr. Wakefield in The Lancet in 1998, which linked autism to the MMR vaccine.  Shortly after this paper was published, there was such immense pressure from the pharmaceutical companies to get the authors to de-associate themselves with this paper, that all but these two denied authorship.  At which time, Drs. Wakefield and Fudenberg were considered outsiders.

So here we are, back wondering if his science is valid.

But what if we consider the truth of empirical evidence?  Case studies and the stories of those whom you know.  How many times have you had a friend tell you that the only year they got the flu was the year they had a flu shot?  I have heard that story repeatedly over the last ten years.  If it is true that you can live a healthy life, and have an immune system completely capable of killing the flu without any outside help, then is it not worth it to AVOID the flu shot, on the possibility that Fudenberg’s evidence is true?

Have you ever known someone in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s?  Trust me, it is worth avoiding.  So as you are pressed in every possible place (work, doc office, school, pharmacy…) to stick a needle in your arm and become toxified; consider there is another possibility… a better one.  Get Healthy!

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