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The Cold RX. Stop them dead!

The Cold RX – how to stop it fast when it comes.

This is the season, we know it will be here soon for so many… the fall/winter cold.  It has already happened to a number of my patients, so the advice begins.  How to get over it quick, how to insure it doesn’t happen again.

Number One – Adjust the atlas, maintain it, and be sure you work to keep it maintained.

Number Two – Vitamin C.  You know the world likes to move around.   Pursue new ideas, try to find the newer and better thing.  However, I would say that the research that Vitamin C has put together, outweighs about every other bit of research on the immune system by an importance of at least 2 : 1.  Meaning, if you get “sick” or are “expressing health” as we like to say, then you better be using vitamin C.

Vitamin C does more for the entire immune system, than any other oil, herb, or vitamin.  It is the “starting point” as it were.  The best stuff out there, the everything in this world of building up function.  Given what Vitamin C does, and the fact that it is water soluble, the absolute best way to treat Vit C, is to not take it as a supplement until you feel an immune need, or to only take it prophylactically in the winter months.  When you need a therapeutic dose to fight illness.  Adults should do 1,000mg an hour, for 10 hours a day.  It has to be spread out to gain value.  Ours is the best.  Seriously.  :)  Kids from 0-2 are at 3k mg a day, and 3-9 are from 3k to 6k a day, all spread out.  Then jump up to the heavy numbers, and don’t fear if they get a little colon issue from it, it won’t hurt them, only makes them a little urgent.

Next –

Vitamin D.  It was about seven years ago when Vitamin D got its publicity for being the most important immune system modulator in the body.  So a good way to explain that would be that it turns the switch on and off.  Low Vitamin D, you have a hard time turning the switch on.

And I ask you, these days, what vitamin does it seem that everybody is deficient in?  Of course Vitamin D… which suggests that you need to do something about this!  I would suggest that everybody supplement vitamin D all winter long, and then get out in the sun from Spring to Fall.  When sick, I like pushing the vitamin D up to 30,000 units a day for an adult, and 10,000 for a child.  Under 2, I don’t think supplementation is the right choice for vitamin D, so put your child in the direct sun for 10 minutes if you can.

Probiotics – of course these are both part of your immune system, and part of the modulation of gut level immune function, which includes building new immunoglobulins in the gastric associated lymphoid tissue, or GALT.  So they should be consumed almost everyday of your life, but because of the very direct ability to kill off staph and strep bacteria, they have more value in the bacterial fight, and should be increased for sure!  200 Billion a day is sound.

Lastly – even though there are others in the list below, the last one on my list, is to consider the myriad of essential oils that have potential in this arena.  They, however, should be used based on the likelihood of bacterial vs. viral.  This guide for antiviral vs. antibacterial could be useful for you –

And if you want to get set up to direct purchase oils, we have the right people in our midst.  Ask and we can connect you with some of the brightest stars in personal health management through oils.

With this list, you are equipped to pound through any cold in no time!

Here are a few others however, that might be wise. Vitamin A, Zinc, Echinacea, Astragalus, Garlic, Oregano Oil, Ginger and some medicinal mushrooms.

I hope you are able to trust that first and foremost, health comes from within.  Eat right, sleep, exercise, stay adjusted, and win.  But in times of illness and a life of little rest, this article can help you win fast.

Be well and be blessed! – Dr. E

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