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The 3 Day Suero Cleanse!

OK, I have been promising the cleanse, so here it is.  Everyone needs to do it.  OK, let me say it again, everyone needs to do it.  Why?  Why cleanse at all?  Why would you need to do this?  Seems crazy.  But lets look at this.

First off, are you toxic?  How could you be?  Where does it come from?  Well, we often talk about exogenous toxins in our Daily Sprouts, and in most of our workshops.  These are toxins that come from the outside in.  These are so prevalent in our environment in this current culture that is literally impossible for anyone who lives in our area, to not be loaded with daily toxin exposure,

External or exogenous toxins come from what we eat (every preservative, color, additive, altered proteins and fats, GMO foods, etc), what we breathe (chemical odors are toxins – you smell them by absorbing particles into your membranes of your nose), what we drink (again, same rules of eating, but do you know if your water is clean), and lastly what you absorb.  This one is a huge one that so many people ignore.  We purposefully avoid sunscreen during the spring and summer except for long duration exposure.  We spend much time working on building base tans so that we can avoid using any toxins… and we buy the really expensive low toxin sunscreen, and we still don’t like it.

Endogenous toxins, or internally created toxins, are not the great concern here, but it is important to pause here, because waste from cellular respiration is a normal part of body function, you wouldn’t think we could have a problem with this.  The problem comes from two causes, the first is that the detoxifying enzymes are under such great demand from external sources, that the internal needs are left un-resolved.

Now that we have understood the toxic load, lets understand the detoxifying process.  Cells detoxify through the liver, and through the flow of lymph to that liver.  The most important area of detoxification is the lymphatic system, which is dependent first and foremost by the hydration in your body.  And I don’t just mean having water or fluids, but rather to have mineral rich fluid.

As we support all seven areas of detoxification (not just the colon, the liver, etc), you will have a more unified and functional detoxifying system.  The skin, lungs, colon, liver, lymph, kidneys, and the fat cells all work to detoxify the body.  The goal is to get all of these systems working together.  Suero Viv provides the solution because of what it provides, and using it as a “fast” provides the opportunity to clean out the system.

The benefits of Suero Viv as a detoxifier lie in the perfect balance of sodium and postassium.  Sodium drives nutrients in, when too much sodium is present in the body, the nutrients are pulled in still, but the wastes are held in as well, causing swelling and a reduction in normal waste removal.  Waste is removed by potassium, which is why the balance of these two is so important.  This is why those of you who took the prior suero challenge felt so “hydrated” and have noticed a desire to use suero regularly.  You are feeding your ability to detox and hydrate!

So the program is THREE DAYS, NO food, and Three to Six bottles of Suero per day.  The three bottle version is for those who know you are insulin and leptin resistant, and are working through this.  Reducing total sugar load.  The six bottle version is for everyone else.

The image above is a clickable link to Jordan Rubin’s short workshop on the Suero Cleanse.  The image shows using 6 different bottles of Suero per day, and recommended times to do them.  This is a $60 detox basically, to accomplish it over 3 days.  Therefore in the world of detox, it is cheap.

The times listed as recommended for the six bottles, are 7:30am, 10am, 12:30pm, 2pm, 4pm and 7pm.  Why?  Simply to spread it out and keep hydration high throughout the day.  If you are going to do this with only three bottles, then you should drink the first one at the point in the day where you need something to sustain you (drink water as much as possible until this point).  Then drink the next one four hours later, then the third one at 7pm.

We have the stock to get you started with this cleanse, but if you want to order online, their are deals on these packages available right now!  Go to our Beyond Organic Site to order.  We will be honoring the price plus shipping for purchases of 18 botles of Suero Viv ($66.00).

Your time to do this is now.  It is August 24th, and we will be launching Total Food Makeover on Monday night September 24th at 6:45pm.  I would prefer you take this on at least two weeks before the TFM starts!

Be well, be blessed!  – Dr. E

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