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Ten Years is coming!

HealthSprout’s ten year annivesary is right around the corner, it was May 1, 2001 when I got this office opened. Some of you know the other history.

It was a mon later that I opened a Roswell office, not long after that came Alpharetta, then Dunwoody and downtown at the same time, followed by Acworth and Lawrencevile. Shortly after that (two years), my goal was to get rid of them, or re-model them. After closing down Alpharetta and opening Cumming it was clear that the best bet would be to close them down.

And now I sit in a place that is to me, my obvious calling. Before this I was not fulfilling what I was really called to do. I could have kept it going, but it wasn’t me. This however, allows me to focus on you, and individually leading people to greater health is what I was designed for.

So here we are, ten years in, and I wanted to recall some of the greatest chiropractic stories that have graced our office. I won’t give you the big details, but as I think it through, I want to share some stories.

It was only about six months in when I had my first patient who was told she could no longer get pregnant. Two boys, the youngest was about five, told her ovarian function was gone, and three months into care and she was pregnant. It was right around this time that Kaylee began her path to be seizure free (most have you had heard about her in the doctor report).

In the coming three years, amazing stories came like crazy, and I went from a cautious educator about chiropractic, to one who believed miracles could happen anywhere. I had an older gentleman regain hearing, a middle age woman regain sight (yeah, that one has given me great hope), and a very compelling story about a man who had no kidney function in five years, who suddenly began producing urine again!

I have seen several very miraculous cancer healing stories, one that was truly a creative miracle from God, to one of my more recent ones that unfolds new amazing pieces to it every week. Lymphoma battle that was won, which usually does not turn out that way. A recent prostate cancer patient who was cancer free in is last test two weeks ago.

I have had more than ten kids who were dx with asthma, and actively using nebulizers and inhalers, who spontaneously were healed following their chiropractic care. Though you never get the same excitement from a child who is healed, you get ten times as much out of the parent!

We have seen many migraine patients healed, and in those rare cases that did not respond to chiropractic as we hoped, they typically responded to detoxification and diet changes.

I guess the point of my sprout today, is that I want to celebrate the victories that we have seen in my office,and I want to recognize that they have come more and more as we have seen our office fall into line with my true calling.

I appreciate your faith in our efforts, join us next Monday as we celebrate our ten year anniversary!

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