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Teachers Sick Over Shots!

I am reporting “hearsay”, but I believe we will find that it is very substantial in the near future, so I am reporting it now!  Teachers at Hasty Elementary and Avery Elementary were visited by the Health Department last Thursday, as they provided shots for the teachers.  Currently the reports are that EVERY one of the teachers who received the pneumonia shot, were seriously ill afterwards.

I know of one teacher who blacked out in the shower, and woke up in a pool of vomit.  The side effects of a bad batch of vaccine are worse than the side effects of a “clean” batch.  But regardless, these vaccines carry potentially deadly side effects, BUT most of the side effects are quiet breakdowns in your immune system over time.  Leading to asthma, allergies and other auto-immune conditions.  These immediate reactions are rare, but when they happen they can be deadly.

This teacher could have easily blacked out and hit her head in a way that could have created serious life threatening injury.  The report that just about every teacher had fever and illness might not be founded, but we will be watching, and we will post an update to this sprout on the site.  This teacher is currently taking CIPRO for the infection that came as a result of the vaccine.

Pneumonia… what is it?  Does it need a shot?  Basically it is any respiratory infection that has gotten into the lungs.  It is beyond bronchitis (bronchitis is any inflammation of the bronchi, so after I workout, and my lungs burn and I cough, I actually have bronchitis… but then I clear it out within thirty minutes… do you get that I don’t think much of a bronchitis diagnosis?); so pneumonia is an actual infection.  BUT like any other actual infection, if you have an immune system that can function, you can kill it.  Most people do without any treatment.

In third world countries, it is common for people to die every 15 seconds from pneumonia, but then it is common for those people to live in very dirty conditions, which increase stress on the mucous membranes in the lungs, making it easy for infections to pass into the blood stream (the most common reason for death from pneumonia). 

I think the biggest issue that I have with a pneumonia shot, is that the condition can be caused by any respiratory directed virus, bacteria or fungus.  There are those that are most common, but virtually any virus, bacteria or fungus can actually create pneumonia if it gets to the lungs, and your lungs happen to be weak enough!  So if you get a SHOT for pneumonia, you are getting a shot for pneumococcal which is a strep bacteria, and a common cause of  pneumonia, but only ONE of the causes.

You can try to immunize against all of these, and you will never succeed… not without severely damaging your body in the process.  So remember your health starts with five principles:

  1. Maximized Mind – Peace and stress free living

  2. Maximized Nerve Supply – keep the brain talking to your body VIA your SPINE

  3. Maximized Nutrition – what goes in matters

  4. Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle – we are CrossFit proponents

  5. Minimized Toxins – the garbage not designed to go in… needs to stay out

Stay healthy, avoid the shots.

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