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Taming the BEAST

When I think about this title, I automatically go to a place of addiction.  The beast within, that thing in us that drives our bad behaviors, whatever those behaviors might be.  I am weak… you are weak, together we are weak, and the beast is what weakens us.  So, this is likely a poorly named article, because that is not what I am writing about.

I am writing about culture, about pressure from the world, about the outside pressure, that makes the inside part of us cave.

I gain great success with altering blood sugar, and insulin responsiveness in the people who participate in my 60 Day Turnaround, because I am able to get them to significantly limit their exposure to these outside pressures, and to ultimately increase their unity as a group of individuals, who have come to together to successfully battle this cultural war.  It works because of the group dynamic.

As a matter of fact, I hope you join me in our first ever Spring Led 60 Day Turnaround (you can be present, or you can do it from anywhere in the world… people do every time we lead a challenge – sign up here for the 60 day turnaround program:  ).

So, when it comes to taming the beast, if we want to succeed long term, we really need to pull ourselves away from the spirit of culture, which is the spirit of have what you want, and have it now.  The funny thing to me, is that if we polled most people, about the pressure of marketing and culture, and our way of life… that majority would identify the issues, and the flaws, and all of the things that make it somewhat bad.  Yet we… the majority, are also the reason why it is what it is.

Have you ever wondered why, somebody doesn’t just stand up and say “what are we doing here… lets just all stop!”.  About anything?  I have often had this thought… “we are all following nobody, in the wrong direction”.

I feel as though the church has aptly identified this as the great deceit, or the great deceiver… but that is too uncomfortably for many people to accept into normal discussion.  But for me, it makes sense.  Our ultimate weakness, is the inability to tame the presence of a great evil, in our everyday life.  In our diet, in our language, in our media.

If we want to succeed at this thing, this thing in life where we can stop and say “I am happy with what I am involved with, I am happy with how I am involved with it, I am happy with my pursuits for health and happiness, and I am happy with the way I am pursuing it.  I have integrity, and I carry no guilt to my pillow at night.”  If we want these things, then I dare say we need to be very cautious about the influence that we let into our lives.

…A companion of fools suffers harm – Proverbs 13:20

Pick your group wisely, pick a group that is led to win –

Be well and be blessed – -Dr. E

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