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Taking Back my Life!!!!!

Written by Intern Octavia


Last year, my husband and I decided that we were ready to start a family. After trying to conceive on and off for a few months, I decided to go to the OBGYN to make sure that everything was ok. I was told that everything was fine, and that nothing more could be done until after trying to conceive for a full year. We patiently waited and kept trying with no luck.

So, I went back to the OBGYN last week expecting the doctor to tell me that everything was okay and to keep trying. I was so wrong. After getting blood tests and an ultrasound done, I knew something was wrong. My doctor came back into the room where I was nervously waiting and told me that I have five large tumors (fibroids) on and around my uterus preventing me from being able to conceive.  My heart dropped. I was beyond devastated. I was scared, confused, angry… so many emotions flooded my mind. I left the office and called my husband crying. The thought of not being able to conceive shattered me.


I was told that I would need open surgery (a myomectomy) as soon as possible to remove the fibroids. The recovery process after the surgery would include staying in the hospital for two days, bed rest for two weeks, the inability to walk on my own for a while, and a total of 4-6 weeks of recovery! This surgery would affect my ability to complete my school exams, my internship, and sitting for my last board exam.

My husband is the only family I have in Georgia. I was scared. More like terrified. The idea of someone drugging me, cutting me open, and not being able to control anything that was happening to me frightened me.


I left the doctor’s office overwhelmed with so many emotions. I was scared that I would never be able to have children. I was angry with the doctor because she told me several months prior that everything was fine. But most importantly, I was angry with myself for not knowing something was wrong. After all, this is my body. How could I go that long without noticing something was off? When did I become so detached from myself that I stopped listening and caring for myself. As a future doctor, I am always trying to diagnose other people. I always examine their problems and symptoms and try to see the bigger picture of what is actually going on with them. But somehow, I completely stopped listening to my own body. I literally had every single symptom of fibroids, but never pieced it together. I had very long, heavy, and EXTREMELY PAINFUL periods, frequent urination, abdominal bloating, pain in my low back and pelvic region… I mean the list goes on.


This was a really low point for me. I knew that I needed to stop and re-evaluate my life. The fact that I actually considered getting the surgery and forgetting everything that I have learned in chiropractic school over the past 4 years was a serious wake up call. My chiropractic philosophy teaches me that the body is a self-healing, self-sustaining entity when it is free from all interference (toxins, thoughts, and trauma). So, that is what I’m going to do, give my body everything she needs to heal on her own. I’m getting rid of all of the toxic medication and foods, letting go of stress and negativity, and giving my body the love and care she needs. I have started a raw food diet, exercising 5 times and week, and meditating daily. I’m feel empowered knowing that I have taken my health into my own hands and only relying on God and the promises and nourishment that he has given us to heal my body.

Please keep us in your prayers!


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