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Surviving The Holidays

The “Holidays” tend to do a lot of damage to people.  From the stresses that people “accept” to the food that they love, to the financial wreckage that is left behind them.  It is a pretty rough ride for many people.  I would guess that a significant part of the damage has already been done, here, just five days before Christmas day.

However, regardless of what you have stressed about thus far, what you have set yourself up for as stresses in January, or what you have eaten, there is a considerable amount of decision left, and as your health coach, I want IN on the decision making!

So first off, on the stress thing.  Please, please remember that you make your decisions.  You are in charge of your choices.  Regardless of what might seem like the “right thing to do”, the wise choice is not always the one that seems culturally correct.  Sometimes you simply need to say no, and pull back, gain some sanity and perspective.   This is so important, there is a purpose for which you were made, and keeping true to that purpose in the face of busy, is so important!

OK, let’s get to the food thing.  First off, you will likely think I am crazy if you have never been to one of our food/diet talks, but if you have been through our advanced training, then you realize that I am all about High Fat, Low Carbohydrate eating.  So how does this play out when in the holidays?  Well, it is easy to be high fat, but with cookies, fudge, other chocolates, pies, cakes, etc.  You are staring carbohydrate in the face all the time.

So what do you do?  Just avoid it all?  I would say no, simply because it becomes painful in a social way to say no to everything.  But I would surely encourage you to do better than most, and one of the best ways to do that, is to rid your household of the garbage, except when festivities arise.  Don’t keep cookies around, don’t make goodies that you plan on giving away, until you are ready to give them away.  Or if you do, package and seal them as soon as they are made, just don’t leave it lying around!

Next, think about planning your day around a total carb load.  If you know you are headed for some carbs, you have a party, there is dessert lined up, cookies are coming, etc.  Then watch your eating that day, don’t have cereal for breakfast, stick with eggs.  Watch the sandwich for lunch, keep the bread out of the diet.  Keep the fruit low, and ride high on the vegetables.  Keep the nuts coming, and be sure to avoid fruit juices and other high carbohydrate drinks.

Activity tends to suffer through this time as well.  I have invited all of you to come try out The Garage, which is probably the absolute best way to achieve fitness out there.  This Friday morning (Christmas Eve – at 9am, we have an open Team Workout for anyone and everyone to try, it is a great non intimidating way to get involved); but the key is, be sure to get involved somewhere and somehow!  The  gym isn’t necessary, but something is; and so many people put their workout life on hold while getting busy for the holidays… priorities are priorities are priorities.  And your health is the most important thing you have. 

You would sacrifice anything you have to give, in order to get health.  Because in the end, all that really matters here on this earth, is based on your health.  Your ability to help, serve and give is based on your ability to do it.  Love is the only thing you can continue to give freely while your health is undermined, but it is perhaps the hardest thing to give consistently when faced with a health battle.  Keep your priorities, as priorities.

Lastly, a reminder to love.  It is so easy to be ten years old again in your heart, and just be overjoyed and loving.  Don’t let any of this “stuff”, whether you are managing it positively or negatively, become a deterrent to love!  God Bless, enjoy the rest of the week!

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