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Support Sabina Please

Most of you know that I have helped many people battle serious illness over the years.  In most of these cases, I was introduced to somebody who showed up at my office hoping for a miracle after years of trials that seemed to not help.

This lovely family is different.  I started adjusting Sabina years ago, it was July 18, 2008… she came in to see me because her husband had started down the path in 2007, and after a year of care, he wanted her to see me too.  This family was always a focal point for me in my practice, as they were serving in ministry at then Watermarke Church, now Woodstock City Church, and I always feel more privileged to care for somebody in ministry.

Sabina has been a good patient, worked hard on getting so many things right in her life.  Spine,  Diet, detox… a perfect example of somebody who has done everything they should to reduce their risk of disease.  Cancer, heart disease, etc.  Sadly, she still developed breast cancer.

This came from her private blog just a few days ago.

– I was diagnosed with a slow growing Estrogen & Progesterone positive Invasive Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer in July 2014 – right side. – I chose a natural approach to healing, so I was never staged. I did have an MRI guided biopsy to confirm the tumor size was 5x5x4 cm. – I’ve had no traditional treatment (surgery, chemo, or radiation). – I’ve done alternative treatments since August 2014, with the help of holistic cancer coaches. I’ve done a lot of testing and know which natural therapies and chemos work for my body and which do not. – Nov. 2015 we sold our house and moved in with my mom to save money and to get help while I healed. God knew how much money we’d need… healing holistically is crazy expensive. Nothing is covered by insurance. – After major back pain, April 2016 I was diagnosed that I was metastatic – I had some cancer spots in my bone (sacrum 4 cm, spot on left hip, and spot on right underarm lymph node, and SMALL spot on right breast) – Because the PET scan confirmed the spot on my right breast was so much smaller than when I was diagnosed, it was confirmed that my holistic treatment was working. Docs agreed that I was probably metastatic back in 2014 and never knew it.  – Before the back pain, I never felt or looked sick. With the diet change and all the supplements I took, I felt amazing!!! I had a lot of energy. – The tumor on my sacrum was wrapped around my nerves though. So I would get random shooting pains, sciatic pain, glute, and leg pain. I started limping. It was recommended I do IPT low dose chemo to get a jump on it. (you can google IPT chemo) – Summer of 2016 I went to an Integrative Oncologist and did his 6 week program of low dose chemo (10% of traditional chemo) combined with IV nutritional therapy. I had no side effects from the treatment besides being more tired than normal. – During first week of treatment, my back gave out when bending over one night. (unrelated to treatment. I hadn’t started chemo yet) I spent a week in the hospital. Nothing was officially wrong, I was just in too much pain to leave. They decided to give me a steroid shot that would last 1-3 months. – The steroid shot lasted 2 months, and I just got another one 2 weeks ago. In hindsight, both shots didn’t really work that well. I was still on daily pain meds and also required max dosage of advil everyday. This most recent shot worked well for my sacrum pain, but now I have really bad glute and sciatic pain.

next post will be about the future.

It is not a pretty story on the surface other than that totally awesome BOLD statement in the middle, but I must admit, her spirit makes it a pretty story.  When I read this I realize that none of her humor, or her faith, or her amazing commitment to her family can be seen here.  No chance to witness her full spirit.  So let me tell you, this family has always marched on to the beat of the drum of Sabina.  Largely an energetic person, lots of energy, ideas and thoughts fill her head.  She is fully committed to her family, and fully committed to God.  Faith comes easily to her, even though she might not see that in herself.  She puts smiles on others faces, and she gives of herself, even in her struggles.

Steve is a great dad and husband.  Straight forward, committed, and logical… he is fantastic at discerning wise and unwise.  Together they make a fabulous team, but a team that has been dealt a hand that is so difficult.

So my goal today is to reveal this family to you, and to get you to send $10, $20, $50, $500… $1,000.  Whatever you have that is ok to part with right now.  I will ask you, and I will ask you… but please don’t let that stop you from starting today with a small donation.  I am asking that you send it directly to Steve at his paypal address.  If you don’t know how to do that, just search for “how to send money with paypal” then send it to and Steve and Sabina will get your support.

She is currently in the hospital, you can tell from the picture that they have three young children, and Steve has been working his butt off keeping the family on track.  They need help right now, please help.  God bless you for reading this!

Dr. E

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