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SuperBowl MVP has been adjusted since birth…

Kind of a cool, and overlooked stat, is that the SuperBowl MVP, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, has been adjusted his entire life.  Yep, Aaron’s father, Ed Rogers, is a Chiropractor in Chico, CA, and has provided his son with chiropractic care, and the chiropractic lifestyle since he was born!

Its kind of cool, looking at the athlete who has gained the most media exposure in the last month, and will have incredible opportunity handed to him over the next year to lead and direct people.  And to know that he grew up in a principled chiropractor’s family.  You can google Aaron Rodgers and chiropractic, and come up with an incredible list of documents.  So sifting through them, I was able to ascertain that Aaron has been adjusted forever, and that his father lives a life like I do in that he beleives in natural healing and no drugs.

I couldn’t say for sure, though I found the claim that Aaron had never had a vaccine, and has never been on a prescription.  I would believe it, but I couldn’t verify it.  All I know, is that by being under a lifetime of chiropractic care, his immune system is stronger, his nervous system is more adept, and his chances at a balanced body are optimal.

I see this in my girls.  They aren’t the most physically able, that part is both a gift, and a product.  The gift is in the DNA and the potential there, the product is in the endless hours of work to build the machine.  So of course my girls aren’t showing that!  But what I do see in them, is the change from nervous systems that were only learning, to nervous systems that have learned, with immune systems that have become incredibly able.  So what I am saying is that I have seen how TIME in this lifestyle makes a HUGE difference.

So isn’t it just right, that Aaron has gained so much, and lived so clean to get it.  It happens thousands of times a day around our country, where people are told that they will do better, be better, and live better with an unnatural solution.  I have had ten patients this week alone tell me about antibiotics that they were taking.  The pressure is incredible.

And just a reminder, I have referenced antibiotic cancer risk studies such as this one published in JAMA, and though in the moment you feel like you are dying.  If you are taking an antibiotic, you are becoming like the stat in the study.  It is not someone else I am talking about when we cite these studies, we are talking about YOU!  The people we see everyday.  It is you whom we care about, and you whom we write these for.  We educate you, so that you can be the healthiest you!!

God Bless, live the lifestyle!

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