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Summer Vitamin D

Look back at the Daily Sprout posts in the past for the sunscreen discussions (check here : Sunscreen ).

Ultimately, we are almost all deficient of vitamin D when left to our own devices.  It is one of the most significant deficiencies in our country today.  In this Harvard Health Article, we see the use of the term a “global concern” and as we read into the article, it becomes obvious that the reason for such verbiage, is the fact that the absorption of Ultraviolet B is already significantly weaker towards the Northern latitudes, and when we throw sunscreen on top of it… well, it is almost impossible for people who live 3000 miles from the equator to produce any quality vitamin D.

Fortunately for us in Atlanta, we are decently inside of that number, and we can produce some vitamin D in both of the equinox windows, and the summer.  But, for my friends whom I grew up with in Buffalo… well, their ability to produce vitamin D is severely limited.  In these instances, there comes two options.

  1. Spend time outside without sunscreen (this goes for all latitudes).

  2. Spend a bunch of money on D3 supplements (best with coconut oil)

The preferred for 95% of you, is to reach for number 1.  However, some of you, just might fall into that very far left category of type I or Type II skin types (check out the Fitzpatrick skin type chart), then you just might need to be covered up.  By I am talking about getting 5-10 minutes at a time without sunscreen… not basking in the sun for hours before the first application.  This type of controlled exposure is perfect for boosting vitamin D, and ultimately gaining the positive results from it.

What are those results?

Benefits of Vitamin D:

  1. Reduced risk of colon cancer

  2. Managing absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus

  3. Modulating the immune system (assisting the nervous system in insuring that you are achieving normal function)

  4. Reducing risk of certain diseases, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) –

All in, it is one of the most vital vitamins for longevity, where all vitamins are necessary, this one has a very significant role in giving you a long life, and of course the greatest issue, that you cannot just eat this in a normal diet.  It has to be added.

I like pure pharma’s product, but there are many quality supplements out there.  D3, with coconut oil is best.  If you know you are deficient, getting over 3,000 units a day would be wise, and in some cases, that might be better at 10,000 or even 30,000 units.

Hope you get on the bandwagon… I did.  I bought a convertible this year, and a major goal of mine is to get my sunshine while driving.  :)

Be well and be blessed! – Dr. E

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