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Suero-Viv Spotlight

You need to come try this next Tuesday night!  Yep, I want to spotlight a product from Beyond Organic.  Again, this is Jordan Rubin’s newest company, and it is an awesome one!  The name says it all, products that go beyond the organic label, and bring a blend of incredibly healthy compounds together.

I want to talk about the sports drink world, and discuss some of the better choices that exist out there, and discuss this new product in specific.  Our typical list of sports drinks is pretty much Gatorade and Powerade, with many different varieties of those, as well as the massive energy drink world.  My biggest problem with these is that they have more than one problem!

I could say that it is the sugar, but they also make sugar free versions, in which case it is the artificial sweetener.  The artificial color is a toxin, and the preservatives aren’t so good either.  Honestly, you should not be drinking this garbage ever.  It is pure garbage.  Enter the energy drinks… again, read the label.  Now you take all of the above and add chemical stimulants as well.

To understand what makes a sports drink/energy drink valuable, you should first consider what value you are trying to get out of these drinks.  Recovery and energy.  Recovery comes primarily from electrolyte replenishment, and B-vitamins which are also a necessary component of energy.  In addition, you will often find sugar as the source of calories.

I honestly think this stuff is pure garbage.  Enter the healthy alternatives.

Coconut Water – perhaps the fastest growing market around is the market for coconut water.  I have been loving coconut water, and it really does work incredibly for electrolyte replenishment.  It has natural sugars which provide a great source of energy, and those sugars are not too high.  So this is a great choice for your whole family when it comes to energy and electrolyte replacement.

Now we get to the SueroViv (swear-O-Veev), which is the best choice by far.  So let me give you some details on why this drink packs such a powerful health punch that you should put it in your fridge.  First off, the cultured whey is truly a super food.  Cultured dairy has been used in health beverages for hundreds of years, primarily for its incredible probiotic benefits.  And now, the cultured Whey protein used in these drinks is providing an incredible amount of probiotics on top of the other benefits.

The cultured whey is also the source of more electrolytes than a sugary drink, and the equivalent amount of coconut water.  This is also the source of all the B-Vitamins, giving this drink an ability to boost energy, and not just replenish it.  As I researched the ingredients on this product, I was shocked at how well they had been brought together.  In addition this drink has the equivalent amount of sugar as coconut water, and its source is from honey!  Top notch choice!

And lastly, as you will find in many of the drinks offered by beyond organic, the water is infused with essential oils.  These not only give a unique and satisfying flavor, they also give benefits which are unique to each oil.  And as I will write about shortly, some of them are clinically tested, and specifically designed to aid in different functions, including leptin sensitivity!  Awesome.

So as a patient, you get to come to this great event next Tuesday, and test a ton of these products for free.  Bring a friend, non-patients are $29.  And it will be well worth it in samples alone, but the information that you will gain will be great, as we continue to fill your knowledge tank with everything you need to know to raise a healthy you and a healthy family!

Enroll as a preferred customer and save, or as a business builder and receive a 20% discount.  This will allow you to buy a case of SureoViv at the equivalent price of Coconut Water, with all the added benefits of a cultured Whey beverage!  Look forward to seeing you next week Tuesday! Be Blessed!  – Dr. E

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