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Stopping Stress in its TRACKS!

I don’t stress.  Seriously, I never stress.  Starting about 10 years ago, up until just about now, I haven’t stressed.  But, like I said, up until just about now.

Stress is horrible, I have read articles, both peer review journal, as well as position papers, that suggest stress is the number one killer.  I have actually written that myself more than two dozen times in similar articles to this one.  So, I most definitely believe stress is horrible for you, and that you should simply choose NOT TO STRESS.

“How would this be possible?”

I know, that is always the question.  Let’s break it down into a real simple “formula” of sorts.

Choose not to stress, and when you do have areas of stress, then choose to withdraw from those activities that cause you stress.

Basically, if S is stress, and P is peace, and the “activities” in life that cause stress are A.  Then :  P = A<S

Your peace is that your activities in life that you pursue are less than stress.  Simple.  Your finances stress you out… downsize everything until the point at which you are not stressed.  Your boss… new job.  Your family… well… THERAPY.  :)

But let’s go back to the beginning for a moment.  Why don’t I stress?  And why did I reference 10 years?  It was such a volatile time for me.  Young daughter, with another one on the way, I had 7 chiropractic offices, and I had just lost vision in my left eye.  The offices were getting hammered by a 2007 economic crash, and the IRS was in a personal and business witch hunt over my life.   Tough stuff.  So tough, that it got to the point where I felt like Laura and I could lose it all at any point in time.  ALL = Material possessions.

This got me to the edge of the worldly life, where I suddenly, one night at about 2am when I was wrestling with the thought of how I was going to make the payroll of 7 offices, and the rent in another week, and the mortgage all at the same time… and it hit me.

“If I lose all of it… all of the stuff, my family and my God will still love me.”

I went to sleep, and slept through the alarm clock.  I was at peace, I had arrived.  Since that time, I have been very good at staying in that place, even in times of great uncertainty, I have been at peace.  And then I found myself here.

An accidental developer, not one on purpose as much as one inspired by the moment.  Woodstock’s fabulous growth, and an opportunity in Milton, and suddenly I am involved with two big projects, that both have great potential.  But man, they can be hard at times.  It was about two weeks ago that I found myself waking early, not just my usual waking, then either getting up to start my peaceful ritual, or bathroom and back to sleep.  But rather, waking… then finding myself feeling a bit panicked about the coming day, the needs of right now, and will it all come together tomorrow.

I have heard from patients, for years, this type of complaint.  The complaint of waking to panick, and in many cases, blown out of proportion panic.  And here I am having my own dose of it.  It is an interesting thing, as this type of concern is often gone by the time I am awake 30 minutes, the panic of the first wake disappearing with the reality of what there is to do.  Which is exactly what I have hinged to in order to make it stop.  Action.

I have taught this for years, and now it has helped me significantly.  Here is my advice for killing stress that goes beyond “what you can change or withdraw from”.  The process is to look at those things that cause you stress, and completely dismantle them.  On paper, in your head, and again on paper.  I am currently only in my head without a definite on paper plan for these things… beyond the already plan that is in place.  But I am serious when I say, the effectiveness of dismantling a concern, is crazy.

Things that seem out of control, are suddenly nothing more than waypoints on a map.  Stopping points on the way to your comfort.

Simply work to write down every detail of the “thing” that causes you stress.  IN doing so, come up with the action steps to deal with the “thing” and a timeline.  Record new activity daily to build the life of progress that will keep you settled.  This is the method that I love, and it is one that we all need to take serious.


I hope it helps.

Be well and Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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