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Steps to Well – 5 BIG ONES

In the endless pursuit of wellness, there are roadblocks, stumbling blocks, misdirections, and more… life is difficult enough to even have a moment to consider wellness, and crazy to think of having a long term plan!  But there are a few really important first steps to wellness… and here they are!

  1. Think probiotics.  Wellness is building a body to be well, to stay well, and to be resilient.  Probiotics do all of those things.  They create an improved immune response, while aiding in digestion, and in assisting the immune system, they can help make an incredible first line of defense by killing many foreign invasions in the gut.  So step one… think about consuming probiotics in some format, every single day.

  2. Find Peace.  Life is full of stress, but your response to it is your response to it.  What do you care about so much that you are stressed?  Find pathways to peace, only bring in the level of stress that you can handle in your life, be comfortable with your place in the world, and work on your goals and dreams without stressing over achieving them.  Just go after them all, but without expectation.

  3. Posture matters.  Your Posture is a huge deal, as it is the most important directly relevant attribution to the function of your spine and nervous system.   We all know that posture matters, but it is hard to quantify how important it really is.  It simply goes, that your brain controls everything, via your spinal cord, and your spinal cord function if more directly impacted by posture than anything.   Keep it up, and watch the devices… they are killers!

  4. Nutrient Density – eat the nutrients all day every day.  13 servings a day of fruits and vegetables (though mostly vegetables for sure), are the best way to get yourself to the right nutrient density.  Fresh greens every day, make it one of your most prized pursuits.  And if you fall short of that, then be sure to use the best supplement –

  5. Lastly, and not at all least.  Get out into the world and MOVE!  Short duration, high intense exercise.  This is the best thing for you, and I recommend you start with 4-8 minutes of incredible intensity, and work up from there.  It has the best impact on your hormone balance, and muscle development.  This is key for longevity and general healing!

If you want to learn more about Juice Plus, supplementation, and pursuit of health.  Come to HealthSprout this Thursday night, or watch the live stream on our facebook page –

at 7pm.

Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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