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Splendid healing… a God Story

I wrote a few weeks ago about walking through a time of stress, second only to some compound stresses about 10-11 years ago.  An through that article I discussed the strength or resolve more appropriately, to trust in the process and the timing.

Yesterday was one of those, “Why God, what do I need to do to make this part simply move on”.  We all have these moments, even the atheists have these moments where they cry out to somebody… “help explain this please”.  That is basically what I was saying.

Thinking about everything that I was doing that felt honoring to God, and on the right path… and also thinking about anything that might be dishonoring, and considering what I could do to fix that.  I would love to tell you more, but I don’t think that this is something to talk about that much.

Nonetheless, that was yesterday.  Today a different story… as I was working on all of these solutions, right in front of me, the “source” of much of my problems, brought me a huge solution to stress.  The stress that he has me under.  And in this moment it was so funny, because the only solution was that the problem, which is the time that it has taken me to accomplish certain milestones, was also the solution.  Because this issue carried on longer than it should have, another event happened right under our nose, that made this whole situation moot.

Let me reiterate.  Time was the issue, but because it took time, time became the answer…. the solution.  It was almost like I heard God say… “don’t ask me why until you understand my timing”.

Which of course, is never until everything has passed.

In our health, we often pace things at a speed that is beyond human healing.  We want an answer now… like the patient who is in extreme pain, they are told it is a surgical need in order to fix the problem… even though it is likely a disc issue that will heal with time and the proper effort.  But… we rush on to the next option, before every letting our bodies heal.

If there is one thing that I have learned, and re-learned (and will need to further re-learn in the future), patience is the key.

Be well and be blessed! – Dr. E

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