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Solving the Almond Butter Riddle…

We love it! Absolutely marvel at its taste!! However, there were days when it made me feel really ill, and kind of disgusted actually. Weird how a food can be a favorite, and then quickly be relegated to “sick of it”.

Almonds have some really awesome properties to them. The greatest of which is the high presence (about 62%) of omega-9 fatty acid (oleic acid). Omega-9 is not of any really substantial value when we consider its omega classification (the 9’s are neutral acids, where O-3 is highly valuable as a source for neuropeptides and hormones, and O-6 is good for general cellular usage, O-9 can be utilized in both, and does not have the negative impact on health that O-6 does when ingested in high volume).  In addition, Oleic acid seems to be very closely tied to reduced blood pressure (clinically significant in olive oil trials).

So, the riddle is two fold.  First, why is it that you can really enjoy the taste of this nut butter one day, and not like it at all the next?  Of course this is true of many foods, but more significantly with certain nut butters, especially those high in the omega – 9 foods.  Fat, is in a world all of its own, because it takes such unique digestive enzymes.  The breakdown of fats in the intestine is largely dependent on the production and secretion of lipase in the pancreas.

Your ability to stimulate enough lipase production is dependent on lifestyle, and the learning that your body goes through based on that lifestyle.  So for many who have tried nut butters, you have found yourself with a negative emotional response after eating too much, because too much made you feel a little ill.  This feeling passes with greater use over time.

Now some of you might be wondering why all the fuss over almond butter.  Well, because we preach high-fat diet here, and the easiest way to get healthy fats, is through nuts or nut butters.

The second part of the riddle, has to do with raw or roasted.  Of course, anyone who has ever read about nuts and health, will have heard that it better be raw.  And the reason, is that fats breakdown and become rancid at high heat, so it makes for an oil that was a healthy oil, to now… an unhealthy oil that you are consuming.  In addition, raw nut butters will go through less separation, and even less if they are crunchy vs creamy.  So you end up with a much easier food to enjoy.

My favorite is Trader Joe’s Raw Creamy Almond Butter.  The consistency is perfect, and it allows you to enjoy it without a significant amount of stirring before use!

So bottom line, Almonds are really good for you, and you have options here that will either make your taste buds more pleased, or in a hurry to forget what you just ingested.  Eating a high level of  fat will also improve your fat burning and utilization rate!  May 14th, there is a One Day Extreme Makeover coming to Kennesaw with the other Maximized Living Doctors, you should consider signing up now!

Thanks a bunch, hope to see your mouth stuck together sometime soon! – Dr. E

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