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Simplicity rules the day for me…

There are people who believe that medical progress will save the day.  You might recall the article that we reviewed in a Daily Sprout about 4 years ago (I know, most of you weren’t around our office, and those who were did not necessarily pay attention to everything we wrote, I get it)… but if you did, you’ll remember.

The article was on genetic manipulation, and the author of the article was preaching about a future where you could manipulate the genetic code of a person pre conception by altering the phenotype of an egg.  Or to reduce the heart disease risk by literally introducing a genetic code into a person either through an injection, or as he said, a port that could be added to a person to introduce into the nervous system (think Neo… Matrix).

Part of it sounds cool, the ability to reduce health risks through a simple squeeze of a finger.  What a blessing!  Or is it?  I am reminded of the tower of Babel.  People pushing to be more than they are meant to be, and the ultimate outcome of destruction.  In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, I cannot say that the test tube babies really excite me too much.  Though the “clean freak” syndromes that he describes are surely upon us.  But I wonder as I ponder these things, how many people are caught up in the scientific wonder, the seemingly amazing possibilities, that they don’t consider the natural order?

If you don’t believe in a God, you still must wonder.  If it is true that evolution occurred over millions of years, then how would nature respond to altering components of the body that are designed to evolve over many years, in a single moment?  If you believe in creation, then surely you would agree that too much tampering with the Masters work would be foolish.  I tend to apply a God lens over everything that I do (well, when it comes to long term health decisions, I am a passionate fly off the handle kind of guy at times, so don’t fault me for making those other mistakes); which makes me think SIMPLE is good.  Simple being the least amount of deviation from nature.

I went from being a guy who thought a lot of supplements were good (about six years ago), to deciding that a simple diet of healthy food, with some fruit and vege supplementation, fish oil perhaps, and occasional vitamin D and C made the most sense.  Simplicity.  I find chiropractic the most simplistic approach to health there is, which is partly why I fell in love with it 16 years ago, and heavily why I consider it the most important aspect of health today.  Simplicity.

Let me explain that one.  You have an incredibly strong bony framework around two of your organs, your brain and your spinal cord.  That would suggest that those two are the most important, otherwise your other organs would be equally protected.  Simple.  Next, if we go into the lives of people who DO not live in chronic sedentary postures (so NOT people working at a desk or in a drivers seat), we will see their spines mimic that of the ideal spine according to physics laws.  In other words, GOOD POSTURE MAKES SENSE.  It is simple.  Not to mention the fact that we all innately have a desire for better posture, and we see it in others.  Show me a person with good posture, and I will show you someone who has a more commanding stature, and who more readily gains respect.  It is amazing, and SIMPLE.

Simple exercise.  Man has put together a MACHINE for everything in a gym.  And we have been wowed into thinking they make more sense, or that they are safer!  Do you realize how crazy this is?  So the very functions that you were created to do are more dangerous than the odd ones that don’t mimic anything in nature that man has created a machine for you to attempt?  Is anyone else following me here?  Crazy.

So why the rant?  Well, in a time where science can be really exciting, it is easy to get caught up in so many wild ideas.  I am not a fan of a ton of specialized approaches to health problems, and the simple reason why, is that you have an effective healing machine in your nervous system.  You often look beyond it, when you should be staring right at it.  Stay a course towards health, and health will be your by-product.  They have been adjusting people since Moses’ time (Egyptian Hieroglyphics have shown this), Christ healed people by laying hands on them in most cases (I take this as being material to the point of his healing, not as a need, otherwise the Roman centurion would not have happened).  There is a healing side to the soft touch of a hug or a caress from a mother to a child.  All of these impacting the nervous system in some fashion, improving neurological function, and bringing about a shift in healing capacity.

Acts 4:20 – We will not stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.

This is me.  I have seen great things, and those things have shored up the truth.  If you are subluxated, you don’t need a DNA injection. You need an adjustment.

Be well, and Blessed!  – Dr. E

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