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Sick! So many are… EXPRESSING HEALTH!

Well, I don’t like the word “sick”, so Expressing Health is what I chose.  But what is expressing health vs. being sick?  The expression of health happens in many ways, the most obvious and common in households with smaller children, is fever.

Nobody likes a fever when they have it themselves, many parents don’t like it when their children express fevers, but I appreciate it, if I see signs of illness coming into one of my kids I immediately check them, and usually adjust their atlas, in hopes of seeing the expression of health step up to a fever level.  

Interferon ( interferes with the replication of viruses, and in so doing causes you to stop a cold faster.  It has been demonstrated that a fever improves the production of interferon and interleukin, helping to kill off a viral invasion faster.  But the research shows a BIG increase in production happens at 41 degrees Celsius  or 105.8 degrees F!   Good news… it also picks up a lot around 102, so you don’t need to start hoping for 105 degree fevers, but I recommend you don’t fear them as much as culture does.  (

Get the garbage off the nightstand!

But on this whole expression of health thing, I hate to sound like everyone else, every other year… but this year has been bad!  I don’t remember any year in the 12 that I have been practicing, where this many people have been sick all at once, and especially around Christmas.  This is really bad… or good, depending on how you look at the symptoms.  But it has been a significant season for ill.

At times, it makes me feel like an unsuccessful chiropractor, as I look at your immune function as one of the most important measures of your health (it is really hard to know if someone is healthy, as a matter of fact, it is impossible… I don’t care who tells you that you are healthy, I don’t believe there is any way of knowing… it is simply faith in what you are doing, everything else is a testing procedure that falls short of knowing… it is just an educated guess).  So the good news, is that testimonials that are positive, will always pull me out of the thought that we aren’t doing well enough. And I have two that came just in time.

Last night as I climbed into bed at 1:30, my wife woke up and said “can you adjust me?”  I checked her then adjusted her atlas… today she tells me “I never got a chance to, but I was going to facebook post ‘Thank God for my husband and chiropractic, I went to bed feeling like death, woke up at 1:30 feeling worse than death, got adjusted in one place, then woke up again 2 hours later to go to the bathroom, and I felt like the world had been lifted from me”.  I told her to get up and go post it.  Well, she is in bed, so maybe tomorrow.  :)

Next, last night I had a patient (1 of the 20 or so of you to report sickness this season) who shared with me how she had been expressing health over Christmas.  But then she went on, “so I began to look back over my year, and you know, February will be one year since I started getting adjusted, and January of last year was the last time I got sick at all… this year has been great!”  Good news… so even though we cannot tell if she is healthy, we can surmise that her immune system is working better, and that can never be bad.

So I have’t gotten sick, even though I have had coughs from patients literally spray my face with mucous, and I have been so close to the “sickness breath” that I have tasted it.  So why have I not gotten sick?  Don’t try to tell me it is luck, this has nothing to do with luck, it is by design.  And here is the design.

Probiotics, today I drank two AMASAI’s because I felt like my exposure was high, so increasing the assistance of the first line of defense (you realize probiotics are outside beings that support your function, and they kill many viruses and bacteria through their waste).  I have been drinking the NuVino fermented products for their unique composition of probiotics, and I have been eating probiotic rich Live Foods also from Beyond Organic.  I think all of these have contributed to my health.

Next, I watch my atlas closely.  I palpate it myself several times a day, checking for tenderness and balance.  If I feel anything awry, I am getting adjusted.  Sleep… well, that has been totally off, so this might be the week/weekend that I finally fall to ill.  Exercise – I have read enough research on high inensity at low bursts having immuno-boosting effect, that I work hard to maintain my workouts without absence this time of year.  

This design includes a diet rich in healthy fats and vegetables (I get much of my fat from AMASAI, pasture butter, coconut oil and almond butter).  I also got a ton of Vitamin D from the fat in AMASAI… I think that is important.  I don’t take in much vitamin C on purpose, so that if I have a feeling of illness, I can take a large dose, and have a therapeutic effect.  All by design.

So, if you have noticed the family seems a little more “off” this year… yeah, I agree.  Lets do something about it.  Follow my lead, and lets get a new lifestyle.  One rich with a health focus, and completely shunning the cultural issues that abound.  

I am blunt, and urgent.  Change, do it now.  Be well and blessed – Dr. E

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