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Running towards healthcare freedom

Healthcare.  Such a misunderstood word, but it is what we make it out to be, so I guess it is ok.  The reason I say this, is that if we really break down the word, the idea would be to improve ones health, through the care of an establishment.  To build it per se, or to protect it… govern it, with a goal of improving it… basically, the idea of healthcare should be to make yourself healthier.

The problem, is that the reality of healthcare, is to avert destruction from a bad situation.  An injury, or a lack of health that has been building over years, decades even, and the desire to stay alive in spite of it.  You see, we typically equate urgent, emergency care, with healthcare.  I am not saying that all of it is an actual emergency.  But isn’t 95% of healthcare, somewhat emergency driven.  Even a spot that pops up on the skin.  Because we have waited until that spot even showed at all, I would argue that we likely ignored ten other warnings out there.  Whether they be from me telling you not to put toxic sunscreen on your body, or from your dermatologist telling you to put excessive sunscreen on your body… there was information related to this problem, well before the problem occurred.

And that is indeed, the primary point I want to make.  That if you are truly trying to run towards a place where your healthcare is your own to control, then you need to heed all warnings, early and often.  I am a physical mess right now myself, and I must admit, it is largely to my unwillingness to run towards healthcare freedom.  20 Years ago I blew out my right shoulder, Grade 3 separation of the AC joint… meaning, no joint left.  Last Tuesday I discovered that my supraspinatus tendon on that side is torn, full thickness tear of the rotator cuff… something that is very likely the product of my injury from 20 years ago, coupled with chiropractic.

The supraspinatus tendon elevates and rotates the arm, as well as stabilizes the head of the humerus. Without it, lack of function and pain both exist together.

Running towards healthcare freedom, would be me saying, “that is it, I have had enough… no more hockey, no more crossfit, and no more manual adjusting”.

But instead, I am looking at “how can I make it all work together still?”   Making an obvious decision based on my hopes and dreams for my life, over the question of one joint.  So I get it… it is hard to commit to change, especially change that takes our time or our money.  But I hope you have spotted the one key ingredient to the things that I choose to do, that leave me physically messed up.

Yep, they actually give me greater health, even while I am risking the health I have.  What a convoluted mess!

With every step, the question needs to be, “is the effort that I am putting in right now, giving me more than a moment’s worth of health?  Am I working towards a healthier future with this step, or is it only an instantaneous moment of health gratification?”  I prefer to give my money to orthopedists, chiropractors and physical therapists if possible… vs. any “-ologist” (rheumatologist, cardiologist, oncologist…).

But that brings me to another decision I have made that is coming this week.  I am closing a vein in my leg, after 7 years of bouncing opinions off of doctors, taking advice, searching for wisdom… this week I am using a cardiologist to close a vein in my leg that has become one of the worst cases of varicose veins according to my doc.  Over the years of watching this, I continually second guessed the medical models view “if it is unsightly, get rid of it”, and assumed it would be healthier to maintain it.

But then, I tore my calf muscle on that side.  It happened again.  Every time I went for a long run (12+ hours of adventure racing), that leg would cramp much earlier than the other, and it was much harder to overcome (even with significant electrolyte dosing).  I developed a rash on that leg from poison ivy, and 6 years later it has turned into persistent purpuric dermatosis… never fully healing.  Basically, that leg is an unhealthy leg, and over the years I have felt more and more confident that it is due to the significant volume of blood that just sits there in that vein.

Am I right?  Who knows?  Is it worth trying to fix it?  Who knows?  Right now I would believe that it is… but if my leg swells to two times its current size, if my foot goes numb and never returns to normal, if a nerve dies, if I get a staph infection that I cannot fight from the surgery, etc. etc. etc…. well, then perhaps it was a bad, thought calculated, attempt.

BUT, if you don’t take the time to evaluate every decision, every step towards or away from health, with consideration of the purpose, the short term outcome, the long term outcome, etc. etc… then I promise you that you will run away from health freedom.  So please take this moment to consider the steps you are taking in the direction of health.

Be well and Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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