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Run Hard Against Adversity

I have had the opportunity to work with patients with almost every different disease or condition out there.  One of the most critical ways I have been able to help these people (beyond improving nervous system function) has been to help them run hard to win.  I don’t believe this is any message from me, but rather one that I am simply good at delivering.

At times I have had individuals who have not chosen to become patients, and I have seen these people choose not to push hard, to fight for the greatest possible outcome.  I am not saying that it only happens under our care, but I realize it only happens when you are being pushed and reminded that there are reasons to push for a long and healthy life.  Reasons beyond ourselves.

So the long setup is so that I can lower this message onto everyone reading, young and healthy, old and sick, and the opposite, the old and healthy and the young and sick.  Everyone.  At any point in time, you are traveling down a path towards health or disease.  It is your choice.  But it is moving one way or the other, you cannot stay put.

Repeat.  You CANNOT stay at the exact place of health for more than an instant.  Aging happens regardless, but aging is not directly related to health or disease.  Aging is related to proximity to death, but that is also altered significantly by your pursuit of health or your apathy towards it.

This is such an important concept.  Subluxation doesn’t sleep.  Your brain is always working to keep you well, and to heal you.  If there is a message running at 50%, then the tissue is weakening.  If you couple that with elevated toxins from your lifestyle, decreased nutrition, high stress and poor rest.  Is it any wonder that our population is sick?  What if you have been pursuing health for 5 years, and suddenly you are diagnosed with a condition?

Shocking?  Unexpected?  Of course.  Unfair?  Probably not, fair isn’t part of it, it is the result of the accumulation of positive and negative choices.  But does the unexpected mean you discard your pursuit, or increase it?  So many who face adversity in their health begin to give up even more.

I was talking with a new patient after a doctor’s report recently, and the discussion went to serum thiol.  Chiropractic has been shown to increase serum thiol levels.  Serum Thiol levels have been linked to health and disease… as they decrease, disease increases, as they increase health increases.  It is pretty cool to understand because these thiols repair DNA.  So as you are aging, your DNA is breaking down, and the higher your thiol levels, the more DNA repair that occurs, thus the greater health and longevity!  Cool!

My point actually lies in understanding that lifestyle choices promote thiol production, so it is directly correlated.  If you make poor lifestyle choices today, you will reduce your thiol levels.  So stop, breathe and read:

It doesn’t matter if you are fifteen or fifty.  If you reduce your thiol levels today, you will age faster than if you maintain them.  Your DNA will become more damaged and aged in this window of time, than it would have had you kept them high.  Can you make it up?  Unknown.

Everyday matters, resonate on that last point.  Don’t live in fear, make wise choices then live in confidence!

Be well, Be Blessed – Dr. E

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