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Reflection and Change

I am almost done writing about the New Year advantage.  I love it, I love the opportunity that comes from this time.  I also think it is a bad time to take your focus from health.  I had a member at one of my gyms tell me that she needed to pause her membership through January, and though I didn’t say it at the time, all I could think later was “what is she thinking?  This is the best time to be committed and make a serious step in the right direction!”

And I mean this.  I have been yielding results in what I do for two decades.  Big results, and small results.  And the difference between big and small is NOT the knowledge I impart on anybody.  It is not the quality of an adjustment given.  It is 100% entirely up to the person who I am working with or working on, and their desire to DO something with that knowledge, or that opportunity, or that adjustment, or whatever it is that we impart.  Every time.

So I ask you, like I am asking myself (get ready for very deep reveal here…), what are you seeing in yourself when you look deep, deep at that person in the mirror, and what are you seeing?  First off, I have to ask you… are you willing to carve yourself up with a lens of truth?  Don’t gloss over anything, but likewise, don’t call stuff out that isn’t real stuff.  Sometimes we don’t like what we see, but we don’t even see what we need.  So, for myself.

I need to be more present.  I have been so busy for the last three years, with so many things coming at me every day, that I absolutely have been horrible at my ability to be present to the people around me at the times that I need to be present to the people around me.  Unwilling to take the time out that I need to take, and listen to those around me unless it has been convenient.  That has to change, and it is a bad husband, bad father, bad employer kind of life I am leading.

This one will need to change now.

So then, you.  What are you doing?  What aren’t you doing?  What is it that makes you infuriated when you are confronted?  If your spouse says _________ you say “no way, that isn’t what I do!”

Or when you say “I am ________”, your spouse says “no you aren’t!”

Or for that matter, this conversation could be between you and anybody else in the world.  Anybody who knows you.

Listen.  We all want to be amazing people.  We want to help build others up, and if we take the time to really see the opportunity to do it, and to see what it might do for them, I bet you would tear yourself down in the process… if you knew it would help build someone up.  Our big issue is the inability to pause, and to take stock of what matters.

On a dietary aside, does a chip on Superbowl Sunday really matter?  It doesn’t, but we like to make it important.  We tend to be caught up in many things that add no value.  At the end of the day, can you look back and say you have accomplished something bigger than just you?  For your family, your friends, your neighbors… for humanity?

With every desire for the best year ever for you and yours.  Be well and Be blessed! – Dr. E

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