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Random Acts of Kindness Comes to HealthSprout

If you aren’t familiar with the Fish Atlanta’s Random Acts Of Kindness, but this local radio stations (104.7), has this cool program where people call in with a need.  Something that is simply important in their lives, that they are not able to meet (usually due to hardship brought on by something).  Then someone who can fill that need calls up and offers to help.

It simply pairs those in need, with those who have a servant heart willing to give.  Now this term, Random Acts of Kindness has grown all over the country, and a google search reveals a ton of action (especially now with hurricane Sandy’s devastation).  So we have a desire, and that desire is to help create a network of need… especially during this time of year, as we are approaching Christmas, and a generally good time to serve.

I am also prompted to do this, as my small group is actively looking for ways to serve, so our discussion tonight, is what brought about this Daily Sprout.  Couple that with the likelihood that many of my patients are in small groups that are probably thinking the same way, and suddenly I see a need that we can fill.  The need of connecting needs with solutions.

So here is what I propose.  For all of you reading this, those who are in need, those who know of someone in need, those who are connected with a charity or organization that has ongoing need.  During the next month to six weeks, I would like for you to help US (the collective us is anyone who wants to serve in the coming months), by referring these people, organizations, entities, groups, associations, etc. to our needs list.

My plan will be to get a cork board to post opportunities on, and we’ll ask you to use your phone to take a picture of pertinent information (or we’ll photocopy it for you), and when the need is filled, we’ll ask that person to let us know so that we can remove the need from the board.  There will be TWO ways to submit a need.  Option 1 will be to simply send an email to – I’ll turn around and print whatever you tell is could be public information.  Option 2 will be to bring in a request, handwritten, or printed, whatever suites you best.  If you need to provide something anonymously, then you can drop it in a box that we’ll place in the back “walk through” hallway.

So what types of needs are we looking for?  Anything that would allow an individual, or a group of individuals an opportunity to serve.  Charities are obviously easy… organizations that provide food, shelter, clothes… those that provide support to those in need, such as fostering children, or rescuing individuals with addiction problems, etc.  In addition, and I know much harder to find, would be that random individual with a need.  The divorced single mom with two kids, and a hole in a roof.

Perhaps the family with no breadwinner, fighting for a job, and something has pressed into their situation even further, and now they are left with a serious need.  It might be that person with a small need, but it simply has to be filled for them to move forward.  A family with car troubles, in need of both transportation, and a vehicle.  The list goes on and on and on.  And we want it all.  I don’t know if we will be able to fill the needs, but I would like to get a large list of possibilities, and in turn prod you to help me fill these needs.

Looking forward to an incredible holiday season!

P.S. – For all of you Maximized Living Advanced Plan Eaters (now or in the past).  We have a dinner planned next Monday night (November 12th) at Hammocks Trading Company in Sandy Springs.  We are shooting for a 7pm-7:30pm start time.  If you cannot be there at the exact time, that is OK.  They are providing us with a great opportunity to have a Maximized Living Advanced Plan dinner, at a  good price.  You can come in between $15 for a dinner salad with chicken or salmon on it, to $25 for a salad with separate entree of  chicken or salmon, and lastly $35 for a full on Rib-eye dinner.  The full details of the menu will be released separately, so don’t miss out!

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