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Putting CLEAN on

Over the last seven years, my wife and I have taken a tour down the lane of Organic and nearly organic products in the world.  Food, water, household cleaning products, and personal care.  The one area that we have felt both the most committed, and the most disappointed is the area of personal care.

We have tried everything.  Some of you are familiar with the Miessence bug spray that we keep around every spring.  Completely organic (you could eat it), pretty effective, and an all around good product.  But there was a time that I carried all of their products in the office.  Shampoo, conditioner, makeup, lip balm, everything.  But after using it for a few years, we both just realized we didn’t like it… at all.  Felt like the shampoo was too harsh, the conditioner took way too much to do anything, so with our daughters growing older and their hair longer, it became ridiculous to continue down that path.

So we have looked for other answers.  We have used natural, and close to organic products.  In the shampoo and conditioner world we have used organix products (shampoo and conditioner) and though we like them, we would prefer something completely organic.


So why do I care if the stuff I put on my skin is organic?  Well, it is the largest organ in your body, and it absorbs everything that it comes in contact with to some extent, but more so anything that is fat or oil based.  Every chemical introduced into your skin is an opportunity for cellular irritation leading to cancer.  This is simple, and proven, and yet ignored by the people in positions to make change, due to the protection of industry profits.

OK, back to it…

When my wife was over trying the organic products, she investigated other products that market their healthier potential.  So she heard that Arbonne was a better option, thus we looked into it.  Sadly, this company markets like they are healthy, yet the reality is they have every ingredient that we would want you to avoid.  Parabens being the most simple ingredient to avoid.

One really cool resource (that is currently being updated, so this link won’t give you the awesome database that exists, but check back soon), is the – skin deep.  It is a cosmetic database that takes all the guess work out for you.  When we looked at the price of Arbonne, and the fact that there was no healthier benefit to it, we were shocked.  But that began a process of searching.

Well, I am writing about this now, because my wife has found incredible success with the Beyond Organic Skin Care line.  She has never been so excited about a healthy skin product ever.  They make a completely organic product, so we are back to edible again, but this time it works.  We have beEn using the shampoo, soap, conditioner, and lotion, and all of it has satisfied our desire for what we would want out of those products.

But the biggest shock, has been their cleansing line (toner, balancer, stuff that guys like me don’t understand).  She has loved it so much, that she has actually talked about hosting a small workshop and testing environment.  This took me completely by surprise, and so I write.

I know the expense is a serious barrier for many people, but as I continue to lead you in the decision to re-work your spending habits to find the greatest health possible, I would tell you to consider the healthy option for anything that comes in contact with you all the time.  If you use a lotion everyday, make it organic… If not lotion, than something else. The point is to move clean with the products you use every day.

It is a simple rule, more contact = more clean. Every time I hear a story of someone young getting cancer, I think of all the most recent research saying… Preventable.

Be well, be blessed, Dr. E

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