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Prayers and Praise – A Patients Story

This was a recent letter of praise that we received, it is the thing that drives us on.  It might just be why I have continuously been pushing my shoulder to respond fast, so I could get back to it (even when I shouldn’t be).  We have an incredible burden, simply because so many have such a great need for health.

Thanks to Ashley for sharing!

I just wanted to let you know that you have an incredible ministry and I have already been blessed because of Healthsprout. My son, Samuel, is 3 months old and spent 3 weeks in the NICU and another 2 weeks at home on oxygen support. He was first diagnosed with “pulmonary hypertension” then with “lung disease” then with “respiratory distress syndrome” and then we found out that his lungs were probably just immature. But, God proved to us that He is in control and He has healed our little boy.

Throughout the process, my husband and I have prayed for “complete healing”. Therefore, we have never been comfortable with the fact that Samuel was put on a corticosteroid breathing treatment as a “preventative” treatment. I have wondered what God might think if He is completely healing Samuel, yet we do not have complete faith in Him. As I began researching the side effects of this medication (hyperactivity, suppressed immune system, oral thrush, rapid heart rate, etc.), I came across a blog where a mom said that her son came off of the same medication after visiting Healthsprout! I called Healthsprout and made an appointment for the next day.

My mom and I took Samuel to Healthsprout a couple weeks ago, not knowing what to expect. As we sat in your waiting room, God’s presence was evident. We loved the Christian music and the comfortable atmosphere. As we read the Daily Sprouts in the binders, I felt that God was teaching me something special. At the bottom of one it said, “Satan’s goal = to cloud your mind”… I teared up and told my mom that my mind has been clouded. As I continued to read, I found something that’s said “God’s blessings do not have side effects”. This is exactly how I felt about the breathing treatment.

We had a great visit with Dr. Levi, who understood my concerns, and Samuel slept for 5 hours in his carseat after his adjustment! Since then, we have weaned Samuel off of the breathing treatment and we are strongly considering not having any more vaccinations. I have been reminded over and over of a verse that I read when Samuel was first placed in the NICU from Genesis 50:21… “Fear not, I will nourish you and your little ones”. I didn’t know that this scripture would continue to impact our family after Samuel was home. But, the more I read of The Daily Sprout, the more I am convinced that God will nourish us if we trust Him alone! This means using the things that He has provided to sustain our bodies and not placing our faith in a drug.

So, this leads me to my prayer requests (finally right?!). We are praying that taking Samuel off of the corticosteroid was the right decision. Secondly, we are praying about the vaccinations. And lastly, we want to continue to visit Healthsprout, but you are an hour an a half away. There is a Maximum Living practice in Buford (30 min. from us) – Dr. Andrew St. Bernard. Please let me know if that is a practice that you would recommend. We truly appreciate your prayers and any direction that you can give us!

Thank you!!

Ashley Cameron

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