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Pomegranate Juice For Health

Did you know that one person out of 5 suffers from hypertension in the United-States? This thickness (arteriole stenosis) is principal risk factor associated with cardiovascular disease as well as stoke during life.

A Consummation of 8 onces of Pomme-Grenade juice each morning have been proven to reduce the thickness of the intermediate carotid arteries, the general arterial systolic pressure as well as the oxidation of LDL caused by free radicals!

Pomme-Grenade (pomegranate) juice has superior antioxidant properties because it contains an incredible amount of :




Theses antioxidants play an extremely important role in the oxidation of LDL from free radicals caused by hypertension.

Many recent group studies have shown that one glass of Pomme-Grenade juice per morning has proven reducing the thickness of the intermediate coronary artery significantly by:

  1. 3 months = 13 %

  2. 6 months = 22 %

  3. 9 months = 26 %

  4. 12 months = 35 %

In the other hand, the group that did not consume Pomme-Grenade juice saw their carotid arteries tickening by 9% !!!

Other results have shown that…

  1. The quantity of antioxidant calculated in the blood serum after one year of pomme grenade juice has risen by 130%! This leads to a better hypertension therefore to a healthier heart!

  2. The systolic pressure of theses patients have been reduced by 21% after one year of consumption.

  3. An augmentation of 200% to 300% of Gluthatione in the blood. WHAT IS THAT? This is one of the major antioxidant responsible to reduce the dommage done to the cells by the free radicals.

It is important to find the most organic source of Pomme-Grenade juice in order to reach the maximal benefits. This incredible fruit is to be considered for everybody to live longer life and healthier  days.

Simon Lemay Pagé

Student Intern at HEALTHSPROUT

Dr. Eric’s Note – Though we don’t condone HIGH sugar intake, and juice falls into that high sugar intake.  Once off the healing diet (Advanced Nutrition Plan – Maximized Living Nutrition Plans), I recommend some Pom juice as well as dark cherry juice in moderation, but more importantly a steady supplementation with Juice Plus to insure that you have these health benefits (Juice Plus has an awesome study out that shows considerable reduction in oxidative stress on the body – antioxidant properties)!

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