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I have been on vacation with my father for the last few days, and as some of you know, he is a pharmacist.  It would seem that we would be at odds, but the truth is, you will rarely find a pharmacist who believes that medication is a good option.  They see the reality of the situation… individuals who are not taking steps towards health freedom, who stop in to do their GROCERY shopping in the drug store.  Obviously making poor decisions.

Anyways, he brought me a Pharmacy Times magazine to look at this week.  Specifically he wanted me to read an article about the number of overdose deaths that are happening in Florida each year.  This article specifically discusses the deaths due to pain medications.

Florida’s medical examiner reports that 2488 people died from prescription drugs, in Florida, in 2009.  This is an average of 7 deaths every single day.  I want you to understand, that these are ONLY the deaths that are directly attributed to taking a drug, and dying.  These aren’t the drugs that have slowly worn away someones liver, or kidneys… or slowly thinned or hardened an artery, like so many do!

Oxycodone was responsible for 1185 of these reported deaths, benzodiazapines follow closely behind with 1099 overdose deaths (overdose does not mean that overuse was intentional, nor that these were suicides, but rather that there was an unknown line being crossed).  The interesting thing about benzodiazapine deaths are that when you look them up on Wikipedia, the information that you find says that death from these drugs is very rare!  Tell that to the FL medical examiner! 

This class of drugs is primarily used to treat anxiety, a growing population in our current culture, and it is KNOWN to have increased effect when combined with any other depressant drug, such as alcohol.  Yet we continue to let these drugs be the primary method to treat anxiety, when ABC News reports studies have shown that exercise stops depression and anxiety.

The most well known drugs in this benzodiazepine grouping are Xanax and Valium, though they have been replaced by others for leading the way in total drug sales.  It is a scary proposition when you consider that the fastest growing area of adult medication, is for the lifestyle prescription of antidepressants.  If we continue to move in the direction that we are, then the number of deaths will only continue to grow, how could it do anything different?

We are constantly doing whatever we can to lead you into a place free from anxiety and depression, I believe the best way to live that life is to get adjusted, eat right, exercise, and know your God.  Anxiety and Depression effect many health conscious people who don’t know God, and many Christians whom I know, who don’t follow the chiropractic lifestyle have depression and anxiety issues.  The two together however, I do not see these disorders if you are on both tracts!

Join the path to mental health freedom, and invite your friends.  The world is a better place without mental health issues!!

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