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Optimal Health Through Nutrition

The Maximized Living way is wise.  Five Essentials of health, five pillars.  First, the most important piece, your nervous system.  It is hard to argue with the fact that your brain and spinal cord are most important, have you ever noticed how they are the only two organs encased in bone?  Definitely important.

Clean living is another of the five essentials.  One of the reasons why I am starting my Suero Cleanse today, is that clean living is important.  But there is a slight dichotomy here.  Detoxification and clean living aren’t the same thing.  Clean living is that thing that you do before, you need to cleanse.  Cleansing is that thing that you need to do because you aren’t living clean, or better said in our world it is what you do because you CANNOT truly live clean.  Not here.  So we cleanse.

An aside on that, the Suero Cleanse is not a strong detox that you will get sick from, it is a subtle enhancement to your cellular function, a way to boost natural detoxification without stripping toxins, but rather improving your ability to excrete them.  A great way to get healthier in three days, like I said, day one for me.

Lean muscle/increased oxygen to tissue is our third essential, and I simply want to say, it is impossible to be healthy without exercise.  This is a simple Biblical principal, that we were made to move.  God gave us movement, the ability to work hard, to run, to fight and to flee.  Don’t ignore your gifts, but rather trust in their purpose and develop them.

A healthy balanced mind is a critical essential of health.  We call it peaceful living or stress reduced living.  The point of it, is that you should not worry about anything.  And if you are a Christian like me, then you must be aware that worry is a sin according to Christ’s sermon on the mount in Matthew Chapter 6.  So of course, bad things will happen, but of course your response to those things should not be worry.  Live in peace.

And finally, the fifth essential, Good Nutrition.  Which brings me to the topic of my talk tomorrow night (here in the office at 6:45pm).  We are ramping up to the Total Food Makeover, and along the way we are getting clean with Suero Viv, and we are re-visiting the daily dietary requirements that you should have regarding your fruits and vegetables.  For those who have been through the first steps of our education, you know that the fruit intake needs to be limited and vegetables should be boosted.  The increased sugar of fruit intake can be significant, and have an impact on insulin responsiveness, thus feed the common sugar addiction of our culture.

Ten to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  This is where my best recommendation falls, with a serving being equal to a full handful of raw veggies (heaping).   I would call a massive spinach salad with four different vegetables in it, 4 servings.  So 3 of those, every single day gets you there.  Yep.  I said every single day.   I hope you are already realizing how hard it is to get up to the total number of servings.

One important reason for this level of nutrition, is to reverse the effects of free radicals causing oxidative stress on the body.  This is the primary focus of our workshop tomorrow night.  Getting to the bottom of inflammation.  So, I hope you will see the value of adding the right nutrition to your life, and considering making a very focused effort on eating that way, as it will definitely pay dividends.

If you cannot get near this level of servings, then you should consider supplementing with whole food.  I will discuss the benefits of Juice Plus, or a close replacement, tomorrow night.  I hope you will join me for this peek into why it has become such a strong recommendation from my office.

Lastly – we ordered 6 more packages of the Suero Cleanse, you can reserve yours today in the office!  They will go quick, so feel free to use the link to go directly online and buy your cleanse for $54 plus shipping ($66).

Thanks for being willing to listen, to digest and to apply!  Be well and Be blessed!  – Dr. E

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