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One and out!

Though I thought I might not be in the office Monday morning, I most definitely will.  I did one day of the AT and I am out!  I was over zealous with the plan.  We have guys out there today on Day 2, and they should be fine.  These were the guys who played it smart with light packs, and using the support system that we had put in place.

I tried to carry it all, like a “through hiker”.  Biggest difference, is that through hikers usually hike about 8-12 miles a day.  So on day 1, I took a 40# pack 30 miles, and paid for it.  So I am resting now, trying to recover.  My back is sore, my shoulders are destroyed, and my glutes feel like I have penetrated them with needles.  Pin point pain.

So next year we will be doing it again, and I guarantee that I am carrying the lightest pack possible!  I hope that you would consider joining us for your first attempt at this.  It makes sense to get out here and see this nature, and get a sense of how hard the AT is.  I’ll provide more details later.

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