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Omega 3 Or Not…

I have been teaching dietary and nutritional healing for years.  It is an interesting road that I have to walk, as I don’t take most science as being on point, because they are missing ONE major thing.  My same world view.  It is true that my success has been due to the fact that most of my patients, and those who have chosen to follow my advice, share my view of creation, or at least my view of nature over chemical.  That allows me to be the advocate that everybody needs.

When I say science does not share this world view, what I am really saying is…. before I am willing to accept the proof that comes from strong statistical correlation as proof… the underlying theory MUST align with my Biblical view.

I’ll state that again, but first, and example of science that has failed, that did not align with my world view.

Cigarettes recommended by 5 out of 6 cardiologists… or some other ridiculous number.  The point is, that was bad advice.

Margarine is healthier than butter.  The margarine was up to 30% Trans Fat by volume.  Oh My Goodness!!!!!!

Fen-Phen is a safe weight loss drug.  Until it is removed from the market for multiple sudden deaths due to heart valve defects.

So back to what I was saying.  The world view that I share, is that it is unlikely that the chemical solution is going to result in anything that actually works, while not increasing your risk of death.  Meaning, God made a way, man chose to ignore it.

So this brings us to the Fish Oil discussion.  I have tended to find really strong arguments that suggest fish oil, Omega 3 as EPA and DHA, are necessary to supplement.  Fish in the world are highly polluted, so it is hard to actually eat enough fish without hurting ourselves.  I will buy that, it fits my world view perfectly.

In addition.  Using fish oil can improve blood flow in the body, reduce inflammation, result in healthier cells, and result in a greater level of overall hormone function.  I believe this, because in my mind, fish are designed to be the most eaten protein, we destroyed that potential by ruining water supply, so now we are a mess partly because of that.  So it would seem very simple that now we need to supplement a CLEAN fish oil.  And I will say, I agree.

HOWEVER.  I constantly teach my 60 Day Turnaround crew, that if you eat enough ALA (the vegetarian form of Omega 3), that you would not need to  supplement any fish oil, because you can convert about 20% of your ALA to DHA if you are rich in nutrient (supplying the enzymes and acids of alteration).   The issue, as I find it now, is that it is really hard to get enough ALA to keep this number high.

First off, you need to know what will convert.  Sadly, almond butter is not on this list.  There is almost no omega 3 in this fantastic tasting nut butter, and it has health benefits, but not omega 3.   If you do want to really do a good job, eat more walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds.  But the nunbers suggest these need to be daily foods to get enough.

I eat grass fed dairy, and grass fed beef, which both have good amounts of ALA… but once again, not necessarily enough.  Which then brings the question.

Should everybody be on an omega 3… and if so, which one?

Our option in office is good, but I have begun this path of discovery to understand “WHY” would an omega product with a blend of 3-6-9 and the rarely seen, and hardly known, Omega 7 be a wise choice?  These answers will come in a more in depth Daily Sprout, now that we have begun the questions, and are going to open up a path to self discovery on this one.  Once you make a decision, it should be a decision for life with this stuff.  Just like Juice Plus.  You do it NOT for what you feel, but for what you know.

Be well and be blessed! – Dr. E

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