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Oh the Majesty of it all!

When was the last time you saw the full night sky?  Friday night, around 11pm, as I was paddling along Lake Barkley with my headlamp off in order to have the best view of the night sky.  We would occasionally drift of course because we were so consumed by the stars that we failed to pay attention to which way we were going.  One of my teammates witnessed seven shooting stars… I only saw four.

What was amazing, is that two of them burned so long into our atmosphere, that you could call out “Look at that” and anyone in the vicinity could have looked up with plenty of time to still see an amazing trail of fire through the sky.  With a blue green hue behind one, and a red orange hue behind the other.  I mentioned God was displaying His fireworks for us.  It was awesome.

And it is truly amazing to think about the awesomeness of “out there”.  But honestly, you carry an equal awesomeness “in here”.  Your body.

This is going to be short and sweet, I just don’t want to try to add too much, thus take away from simple majesty.  Your body is such an amazing creation.  The healing that it goes through daily is unfathomable.  I really mean that, you are organizing new cells into perfectly matched tissue all the time.  This should almost seem impossible in our view of intelligence.  Our intellect view sees intelligence in larger beings, not single cells.  So when we see the intelligence being exhibited through a cell, it really doesn’t make sense.

Until we realize that the intelligence is being imparted to that cell from the brain.  Though every cell goes through an intelligent adaptation and healing.  It is through the intelligence of the brain that this happens.  So now you need to get the BIGNESS of 75 trillion cells, under the control of your brain.  Once again, unfathomable.

So I would challenge you to get out to the North GA mountains very soon, do it so that you are there in the evening.  Get to a lake, one with no homes on it, and sit by the waters edge staring into the sky.  You could get stuck there.  The Milky Way was so incredibly obvious, every constellation was obvious and easy to see.

I love watching Louie Giglio speak on the Universe.  You should check it out!

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