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Oh The Humanity…

I am human, I have human characteristics that are strong… because, I am human.  Just like everyone else.  So, let me help you understand why we all do this, this giving up for a period of time thing.  So if you have been reading along, you know that I have had a hip problem going on for over a year.  Not too serious, just on and off (all started with an injury where I was pushing to improve my hip flexibility, and I went too far).

Of course, you are all aware of the mountain bike fall I had about five weeks ago, which resulted in a Grade I separated shoulder.  I came back to adjusting too soon, and now I have a Grade II separated shoulder.  Between the hip and the shoulder, I have had about 8 straight weeks of injury interrupting life.  Soooo, what do we do when you can’t do what we want to do?  When you cannot be as active as you like, you cannot accomplish the tasks that are in front of you?

Well, we often become a bit depressed, and let some things slip just a bit.  Yep, that is me.  So for about 8 weeks I have let my diet slip.  I tend to be an 80-90% good, 10-20% not so good kind of eater.  I take two times a year to usually eat very strict, and then just be on the good path the rest of the time.  Well, though I have been eating a ton of healthy greens, and my healthy fats… I have been letting myself indulge in more sugar than I EVER would allow, but it has been primarily out of that emotion that shows up when you are feeling pitiful, small, weak.

So, today I identified that, and I am making the switch!  But what is really important about this, is to understand how devastating the poor choices can be to the health that you crave.  When your body is a bit broke, that is the time that you need wise choices more than ever.  Healing comes from a nervous system that is well aligned.  And that nervous system then utilizes building blocks to put it all together.  So my building blocks have been sad.

Let me take you through the separated shoulder, so you can understand what I mean.  Falling on your shoulder hard will give you one of two injuries.  A broken clavicle, or a separated shoulder.  I won’t ever break a clavicle, as mine have such a steep angle to the shoulder joint that they will always separate first (I know, this is my 8th cumulative separation).  When the joint separates, the ligaments that hold the collarbone (clavicle) to the shoulder blade are weakened and stretched.  Healing is hopeful for no permanent disfigurement, but it requires that the ligaments tighten and heal strong.

Adjusting is probably the absolute worse action for this joint to heal.  I have been able to pull and hold without issue, but to straighten the arm and push… all of the force is directed back at the joint, and it is stretched every time you push.  I figured the tape would be enough to hold, but it wasn’t.  But you have to wonder, if I had been eating perfectly clean, would I have had the setback that I did?  I have a Grade III separation on my right shoulder that happened in the National Championship Hockey Game against Michigan State 13 years ago.  I can tell you that I DO NOT want another Grade III shoulder.  This has been a thorn in my side ever since, and if there was a good surgery for it, I would jump at it.

So, the message – we all fall off track once and awhile, the most important thing is when we get back on!  The good news for you, is that though the activator as a technique, does not correct spines.  Using it as a tool for corrective adjusting, will still correct spines!  So don’t stay away, if you want to become as healthy as possible, then come and get adjusted, and if you prefer me, over an intern, then I will use the activator to keep you on the health path.  It won’t feel the same, but it will do the job!

Be well, and be blessed this weekend, Dr. E

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