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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

Breast cancer “Awareness” is really important, as long as you are actually becoming aware of something valuable.  So I want to tell you what you need to know.

First – you don’t need to spend another dime on researching more radiation and chemo therapy treatments.  That research is well funded, and it is funded by the fact that pharmaceutical companies charge more for their treatments for cancer, than any other medication.  So be aware, perhaps the best place for dollars to go, is to support the lives of those fighting cancer, not to the rich companies who are getting rich over charging those people with cancer.

Second – There are some very importan risk factors that need to be understood… if awareness can exist at all, it surely needs to include the elevation of risk that comes from these few areas; and that will be the topic of discussion for the rest of this post.

Estrogen specific cancer.  Breast cancer is a very hormonally active cancer, women with higher estrogen have been shown to have a higher risk of breast cancer.  This risk has also been shown to be increased when you add estrogen to the body beyond what normally occurs.  The most notable is HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy, which is done for women in their pre-menopausal, and post menopausal stages of life.  These days almost everyone knows about the increased risk of breast cancer, yet many women still continue to receive supplementation to reduce hot flashes.

Another VERY common place where women increase their estrogen intake, and start this increased risk of breast cancer along at an early age, is birth control.  Birth control pills increase the estrogen in the blood stream, and thus increase the growth of any cancerous cells in the breast, thus can be a HUGE increased risk over many years. 

I recommend a great diet as the solution to HRT needs.  Our Healing Diet, or eating a Paleo diet will both aid significantly in reducing the risk of estrogen imbalance at menopause.  I also recommend birth control methods that invovle no drugs.  There are plenty of these options out there.  If you are 16 years old, and a doc puts you on birth control to balance your hormones because of menstrual headaches or cramping… then again, you need to change your diet.  What, the plan is to take a drug your entire life?  Ridiculous.

And the other major risk factor that has recently come under more fire in Dr. Mercola’s website, are antibiotics.  According to the Journal of The American Medical Association ARTICLE in 2004, antibiotic use is directly correlated to increased risk of breast cancer.  If breast cancer awareness is supposed to really impact lives, and save people.  Then this is the information that needs to be made AWARE! 

It infuriates me to consider that 90% of the people that will read this, have no idea that their routine use of antibiotics is going to INCREASE their own risk of cancer.  And not just breast cancer, but all cancer.  This is infuriating for one reason, control of news.  This hit the media, and actually made a front page USA Today mention, then its gone in an instant.  No investigations, no call to action, nobody with control of media stepping up to make a stand against our country’s routine and obnoxious use of antibiotics.

Be aware, pass this on, post a link to this article on facebook, and help save a life in October!  God Bless.

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