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Nutrient Density

Why fruit is unnecessary in your diet.  This is a tough point for many people, it was for me.  I had people advise me to reduce the fruit consumption in my life for a number of years before I believed it was wise.  So why should you decrease fruit?  It is natural, it is tasty, better for you than packaged crackers, lunchables, and all sorts of toxic sludge that we eat.  Of course fruit should be eaten.

Well, the problem is that all that sugar is bad, just like sugar in high volume from other sources is bad.  Sugar causes fermentation in the gut, weakening the quality of your immune system significantly.  It has significant impact on your blood sugar, and as I wrote in my other blog a while back, it has glycemic effect that could lead to diabetes.

So for this short blog, I am going to count on you looking at the other blog link above, and understanding that you need to keep fruit in moderation.  So, the point I want to get across, is how crazy valuable the high density vegetables are.  Also a topic in one of my other blogs, I hope you will read that too.

But simply put, the total quantity of nutrients in vegetables is so high compared to fruit that you get three to four times more benefit from eating kale or bok choy, than a bowl of blueberries.  It is that significant.  I am keeping it short and sweet, because I want this to resonate.

Eat fruit, but eat 3 times as many vegetables every single day.

Juice Plus is a recommended supplement to help make that happen.  I truly believe that every single one of you NOT eating 10 servings of vegetables and fruit a day, should be taking it.  But try to eat the food first!

Be well – God has supplied an abundance for us.  Dr. E

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