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Nu Vino for Thanksgiving!

Just relaxing this Sunday evening in our condo in Williamsburg, what a great place to visit.  We enjoyed Jamestown today, and all of it’s rich history.  Pocahontas and all.  Though as I sit here sipping some of this Nu Vino, I was inspired to tell you about this, not history.

I am very thankful for these new foods brought to us from Beyond Organic.  The Nu Vino provides an opportunity for some health benefits that I haven’t found in a similar product.  I k ow many of you have enjoyed Synergy Kombucha drinks from either Whole Foods, Ember Yoga, Life Grocery, or one of the other health retailers in the area.  These are good drinks, that provide you with many of the Nu Vino benefits, but not all.

The first thing that caught my eye, was the lacto fermented nature of the drink.  The natural fermentation process causes this to be both a probiotic rich drink, as well as a very nice sparkling beverage.  In other words, step one: make it enjoyable to drink as well as incredibly healthy; check!

Antioxidant rich botanicals, also an awesome benefit.  If you have been listening to me lately, you have probably heard the broken record suggestion of stop taking supplements, eat healthy food and Juice Plus.  This provides one more way to consume healthy, and avoid supplements.  The reality, is that I have stopped everything including fish oil.  Why?  Because I am eating 10-20 grams a day of omega 3 fat, so why would I supplement 1 gram, if I am eating that much naturally?

Instead, I have taken that $40 expense, and invested it in healthy food, along with the antioxidants that I took, and the extra minerals that I used to take… all food now, and supplements add up to a lot of food (I recommend Juice Plus, because I have found that it is nearly impossible in our culture to eat 10-13 servings of fruit and veges everyday).   So as I have taken steps to rearrange my diet, I hope that you can find ways to do the same.

So the other really awesome benefits of these drinks, is that they are loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients.  And I have written more and more about the importance of anti-inflammatory foods in the last year, these products made me smile when I had a chance to sit back and look at ingredients.  From pineapple, to ginger, and basil.  In many cases the organic oil and healthy acids from these botanicals are the key ingredient.  They have a “soda” feel in many cases, and could surely satisfy a craving for soda for many, and all they are doing is delivering health!

If you are hardcore on the Advanced Plan, you should avoid these for now, as they have some free sugars in them.  But when you are on the core plan, the recommended 2oz per serving will do nothing to disrupt blood sugar, and even drinking 8oz at a time is fine for maintaining blood sugar levels.   And the health benefits will outweigh any concern over the minute sugar amount.

So as I sit here, relaxing and sipping, I hope that you will give the special offer that I have come up with for you a try.  I really love this Pineapple Cilantro, and the Ginger Beer… both incredible.  So, this is coming out of my pocket, as these prices are below my cost, but I think it is worth it to give you a chance to try these out.  We will be tasting them in the next ten days, so you’ll have a chance to taste some of these, but don’t wait til after November… I am pulling the deal as soon as we get to 12/1.  Have a great Monday, I will be wishing you a great Thanksgiving in Wednesday’s Sprout!  Be well, Be Blessed!  – Dr. E

Find the Deal ORDER FORM by CLICKING HERE or at the office!  You can drop it by, scan and email to or fax to 770-517-2240.  We will ship to the office and share the shipping cost with you, or if you select ship to your home we will charge you

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