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Not the Germ, it’s the Weakness!

 So I have been trying to be VERY quiet all week long.  This sign here that says “Dr. Eric is resting his voice” is designed to do just that, create a restful environment for my voice.  Which really needs rest.

See it all started almost two weeks ago, my gym (The Garage, the CrossFit gym that I told you earlier this week that you are all going to come try out), had a huge event.  I got on the microphone at 8:45 that morning, and finally set it down at 4pm.  I talked non-stop, and for anyone who has had to try to be loud for 7 hours, you know it takes a toll on the voice.

Polish that day off with stporytelling in front of a bunch of kids for two sessions a day later, a doctor’s report, a Nutrition workshop (thanks to those who came), another doctor’s report, a GOAL setting workshop, and another day of heavy talking at church… equals throat destroyed.

So how does that turn into sickness(remember I call it expressing health, you call it sickness)?  Just talking too much surely cannot cause a sore throat and sickness!  Aah, but you see, it does.  As a matter of fact it is necessary to have some pre-emptive weakening of your system in order to have sickness.

You are carrying a ridiculous number of viruses and bacteria on and in your body.  It is well estimated, and pretty widely accepted, that the average person is carrying 10% of their body weight in viruses and bacteria.  So guess what, if you are NOT sick, then you are STRONG.  Well, relatively strong, at least stronger than all of the viruses and bacteria in your body, which is pretty cool.  Most of us, are winning that battle most of the time.

If you GERMS caused you to become sick, and not the WEAKNESS of your body, then you would be sick 100% of the time.  If you are sick a lot, then you are weak, meaning that you need more of what we have to offer.  This is important. So pay attention here; just because you are not sick, does not mean that you do not have other weakness in your body.  Immune system health is only one measure of your overall health, but it is an important one.

Back on track, so if your child is in a classroom with a bunch of kids, and one kid gets sick, and then five others get sick, but ten others do not.  What do you believe?  Most of you believe that those five were in closer proximity to that child than the other ten, to which I say GARBAGE.  The five were weaker than the others.  Here is a better example.  Your youngest child gets sick, then one of your other children get sick, as does one of the parents.  The other parent and another child do not get sick.  Guess what, most married adults sleep in the same bed, and the kdis are all over each other no matter what.  The germs were COVERING the two who did not get sick, yet they fought it off.  Because they were in a position of strength, not weakness.

So what makes you strong or weak?  Your nervous system is the most important thing, because it organizes the defense against the external coming internal.  Getting adjusted, and SLEEP are the most important components of your nervous system function, with stress right there.  Diet will weaken an immune system incredibly!  And even more so when there are abrupt changes in the diet, vs. simply a consistent bad diet.  I know, not fair, but I have witnessed that someone who eats well  will get punished by eating poorly, where that person who eats poorly all the time, can handle it much better.  Still, the reasons for eating well vs poorly are so huge, that it is a must!

So do yourself a favor, and don’t avoid germs, just avoid being weak.  God Bless, and have an awesome Labor Day!

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