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Natural VS Organic

Heading into the new year, many of you will be on a path for greater health, and that path will include cleaner eating.  Healthy eating is really comprised of two components, eating the correct foods, and then the aforementioned “clean” version of those foods.

For those of you who have some knowledge of the diets that we teach, you realize that this culture is a sugar addicted mess compared to the earlier versions of world societies.  In the last 200 years, we have deviated so far from the foods that our bodies were designed to eat, that it is truly atrocious.  Our technological advances in food processing have left us dumb.  So now we eat poorly, and with no cleanliness.

So as a sugar addicted culture, we are committed to foods that literally destroy our hormonal and metabolic systems, and leave us an absolute disaster because of it.  The solution is to avoid foods that turn to sugar for some time, heal yourself, then return to a healthy diet, but with some sugar producing foods in it.  The problem is that when most people head out into the world with a goal of healthy food, they don’t think to pick clean food as well.  We’ll be showing the film “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” very soon in our office.  It helps to push the clean food further into your brain.

If you ask the world about natural vs organic, well… you would be wasting your time.  They need to get off of lunchables before they can care about natural or organic.  But once you start looking around the grocery store looking at healthy foods, you might get caught up in natural, and not realize the difference between natural and organic.  If you have not read my post from a few weeks ago on organic overseas vs organic here, and how to look out for that… READ HERE.

The key element for you to understand is that NATURAL means nothing, whereas Organic means no chemicals from seed to harvest for 3-5 years depending on what you are harvesting.  The reason I am going through this, is not the chicken (though natural chicken still has arsenic in it – read back further in the sprouts to understand this), but it is because of the advertising on a box.  You could walk back into the “organic” section of Kroger, and think you are eating really clean because ALL NATURAL is a common marketing phrase.

So beware of slick marketing.  You might be buying all natural vs organic for cost reasons, and that is fine as you work towards a complete change, but just know that you are not there when you are eating natural.  Our grandparents primarily ate organic simply because all farming was still organic.  Our parents got caught in the bubble as they moved into their 20’s through 40’s.  And for the most part, the rest of us have been eating ugly for years.

Need help?  Yes you do.  So come check out our Beyond Organic makeover on Tuesday night Jan. 17th.  This is $29 for non-patients, but for those who have a care plan with our office or Exodus Healthcare, this event is included for you, and will be an awesome 2 hour event, loaded with food samples!

Next – sign up for the 40 days of transformation starting on Monday night Jan. 23rd at 7pm in our office.  This will be an awesome 40 day challenge, unlike any other that you have been part of in our office!  This is your year, don’t take it lightly!  God Bless – Dr. E

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