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My Cousin!

Many of you might remember the joke I told a couple years ago, when I went down to San Juan PR for a week.  I kidded that I “Married my cousin”.   Dumb humor, I enjoyed the joke, most of you thought I was ridiculous for laughing at it so much.  The joke was simply that I really went to PR to “Marry” my cousin.  I officiated the wedding.

No, I am not an ordained minister, just a guy who loves God, and as such my cousin reached out and asked me to do this… what an honor.  They got a justice of the peace marriage here in the states, then all of the family that could, flew out to PR for a rainy week (same week as the Haiti earthquake), but still a whole lot of fun and laughs.

Over the last couple years, Abigail has followed our web site and facebook posts, and recently began following the Maximized Living Advanced Nutrition Plan/Healing Diet.  She sent this email to me, and of course I had to share it!


Carlos, Whit and I have now been on the diet for 1 month. I have lost 9 pounds, Carlos has lost 15 pounds and Whitney has lost seven. We can’t believe not only the weight loss but everything else we have noticed, this is really exciting. I have had red eyes or dry eye for the last 8 years of my life and been to numerous dr.s for it. After 1 month it’s GONE!!!! I don’t have any digestive issues that I have struggled with my entire life. My skin is so clear and almost transparent looking. My focus is right on point like never before. Most of all what I am so thankful for is my energy. It is through the roof. I can’t tell you how much I was struggling with my energy level being in school for Nursing and having two babies under the age of 3! I really can’t thank you enough. I wanted to share with you how happy we are and if there was something to sell we would be the best people to sell it. We are so excited and enthusiastic about our new lifestyle.

I know the book says to stay on the Advanced Plan for as long as you need but I was wondering if you had a recommendation. We were planning to stay on the Advanced Plan for 3 months and then switch to the Core Plan and see how we feel. Would you mind making a recommendation for me?

Carlos has about 6 people at work on this program already. He works with all Dr.s and nurses who don’t like to take any kind of advice and they are banging down his door because they just don’t “understand” what is going on it is so funny. The Dr’s he works with are all old school and have absolutely no concept of nutrition which I guess isn’t that far off from most MD’s.

I just wanted to share with you how we were all doing here thanks to you. You are changing the world one by one!


– its good to see people take control of their lives and get huge change.  She did not include all of her health story here, but there were many profound changes that are still yet to come.  Be well, be Blessed – Dr. E

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