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My Christmas

Usually I would be writing the New Years Resolution Sprout today, but instead, I find myself inspired to write about my Christmas.  If there is one thing that I will stick to my guns on, it is the importance of my time away, from you!  Thus the equivalent, is your time away, from someone else, or something else, or whatever it is.  God told us to take the seventh day as a day of rest, complete rest, and I doubt any of us do it.

I know I don’t.  At times I have been really committed… why not, I don’t eat pork because God said don’t, so it doesn’t make sense for me to work when there is a sabbath to be observed.  So it was really important to me this year to give my family as much of me as possible over this past week, and I hope you did the same.  

So a bunch of you are aware that my wife had the same birthday as I did earlier in the year, yeah, one of those magical numbers, I believe 35 is the one we are using.  Anyways, if you also recall, she is a Christmas birthday, so it is important for me to really work on making it special, as most people are a little too preoccupied to get involved with her birthday celebration.  Well, this year was cool, I was able to get about 50 people to call or text her on her birthday (yes, on Christmas), to wish her a happy birthday.  I had changed her ringtone to Leif Garrett’s Birthday cover of the Beatles song ( and it was awesome to see her shock when she realized that it was her cell phone ringing everytime this Birthday song came on.

Yeah, Christmas was a good day.  And the thing that stuck out, was that these people who were so involved with their families and their day, were able to take the time to call.  I love that about people, the willingness to step out and make someone else feel loved.  How awesome is that?

Well, I was able to surprise my wife with a party as well, which I was also very pleased about.  Not that I could surprise her, but that two days before Christmas I was able to get people to commit!  Once again, what an awesome output of love and effort.  She had a great time.  The entire week was a success.

Every year, we take a night after Christmas to stay at a hotel downtown, and last year and this year, we have stayed two, and brought our kids down for the second night (don’t ever expect to see me in the office in the days between Christmas and New Years, that will not happen).  This has become one of the most memorable parts of our season.  The girls love it, staying downtown, even if we were to do nothing, their memory is in the hotel, the city, the decorations, and brisk air.  

With it being such a special birthday, and with a work engagement on the horizon for me in New York, I made some extra preparations for my wife.  So you will miss me from the 17th – the 21st of this month, I will be back on the 21st in the evening (Martin Luther King Jr Day), and then I am back out on that Friday from the 25th through the 29th.  In New York City for a work event, and also in Puerto Rico for a birthday vacation.   My kids are coming to NYC with us, first time for them, should be a fun family trip.  Once I clear out of this busy month, we will step into a busy office routine.

We will start the Total Food Makeover on the first Monday night in February, 2/4.  We will also host an in office Beyond Organic Skin Care Party on Wednesday February 6th at 11:45am.  This will be an opportunity to hear me speak about why clean is so important, and a chance to test it out.  So don’t wear your makeup to this one.  There will be an opportunity to test the product, and we will probably have to limit the number to 25 people for the sake of time.  

And on that, I do want to talk about the New Year for just a moment.  I have been really working on planning how to grow both the Juice Plus and Beyond Organic businesses that I am involved with over the last three months.  I have HUGE plans for 2013 (just so you know, the reason why these are such a focus, is because when my shoulder was hurt, my practice suffered incredibly… I didn’t like the feeling that so many of my patients weren’t committed to what I teach, but rather to my adjustment… another reason why I am comfortable traveling, I need to somehow help you understand that it doesn’t matter hoe you feel after an adjustment, every time someone makes reference to my adjustments feeling different, it makes me want to quit.  Our philosophy puts no value on what you feel post adjustment, and everything on what happens to your nervous system… you cannot feel that… so my point, though most think that I must like being told that “your adjustments are different and I really only like those”, I actually hate hearing that… it just informs me that my education on the value of the underlying changes has likely fallen on deaf ears.)

So here are all my inspirations for writing this, piled into one.

I fight for the time I get to spend with my family, because in the end, I know that I will be judged for that.  Maybe as part of God’s judgement, but definitely as part of my children’s judgement when they consider who their dad is/was to them.  In addition, I so believe that love is a constant effort in marriage.  It is so easy for me to love you, and for you me… because we never have to raise kids together or clean a house together.  Add that, and BOOM, things go wrong.  I hope you are considering these same things in your life.

And I want you to trust me as the leader of your health.  I do what I do to lead you, not to adjust you.  Sure I can do that, but so can a reasonably trained monkey if we just teach him what and when.  But he could never understand how to uphold the truths f a philosophy that will actually lead you to greater health.  I have seen so many more people sick this year than any in my career, and as I listen to the concerns, and questions, what I really hear, is that there is an inability to truly understand the philosophical basis of our healthcare message at the core of most battles.  

That philosophical message is simply, God did not make you to need anything for your health.  Period.  I know everyone wants more, but the power in that phrase is ridiculous.  Just pull back and repeat it, and again.  Then actually stop scoffing and consider trusting it.  If there is one major thing I want to start out with for 2013, it is to have you look at me as the person here to help lead you to better decisions, and greater faith.  Even if I were to only sit by and watch you get adjusted, I believe my value is in what I can teach, not what I can do.

For that reason, if there is one thing that should truly be important to you when it comes to y office, it is to come to our extra workshops.  Come spend time in our presence and communicate with us.  I don’t have all the answers, but one thing that will always be true, is that I differ to a philosophy that has served my family and myself to great health.  My prayer is that you would have the same.  It has been a great week of reflection of me, and I just wanted to share.  Be well and blessed!  Dr. E

PS – it is not that I am saying that your spine isn’t the most important component of your health, it is.  Its that we are good at it because of our focus and effort, not because of what you feel coming off of the table.  Put a target out there in the distance, and aim for it… and forget about the journey along the way, just the direction.

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