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Metametrix hits Daily Toxin Education on the head perfectly!

The Metametrix website is fantastic!

 You don’t need to read piles of medical literature, you don’t need to sift through endless articles in your local papers, or read all of my toxin based Daily Sprouts.  You just need to spend some time at this website!  The Metametrix Toxic Effects Website gives you an incredible resource at your finger tips, every single day.  This website is a perfect interactive learning environment.

Its goal is simply to make you aware of how toxic your environment is.  The ease of use is what makes this site so awesome.  You simply click on any one area of the house: The Garage, The Laundry Room, The Kitchen, The Bathroom, The Bedroom, The Living Room, and the Outdoors.  The area is then expanded with a list of chemicals below the image.  You can click on each of the chemicals, and the products of concern are highlighted in the image.

In addition, you can scroll along looking at the different icons in the picture, and they will give you more details about what makes them toxic.  It is a great reminder to everyone, that we live in a toxic world, and that those toxins have seriously negative effects, and the greatest of these is cancer, and it is likely the most common response to toxic overload.  So figure out how to remove these toxins from your life, and figure it out now!

In our world, we believe that detoxification is a NECESSARY step for everyone.  If you are reading this, and the only thought that comes to mind when I say detoxification, is “cost”.  Then your priorities need to be assessed… because the only thing that I can guarantee you about cancer, is COST.  If you are not actively pursuing a heavy metal detox two times a year, then you are missing out on a very important step towards health.  Again, pay attention to the distinction here, heavy metal detox (toxic metal), vs. colon cleanse.  These are NOT one in the same.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, then pay attention to the posters that will be coming out shortly to announce the next round of heavy metal testing and detox class.  It is a great education, and will clearly help you step towards a healthier and more cancer free you!

Again, that web site can be reached at

Check it out.  I am honestly going to be teaching my 6 year old through this web site, so consider how you can help put your children on an early alert for toxins that you might be bringing into your household at every trip to the grocery store.  Be well, enjoy this President’s day!

Dr Eric

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